NetWorker Power Edition


NetWorker Power Edition software is a high-performance storage management solution. This edition of NetWorker is for customers with very large servers, deploying clustering technologies, or with requirements to drive high-speed devices. Power Edition software is a specialized adaptation of NetWorker technology that dramatically improves backup/restore performance on a local data server. It supports the NetWorker options and NetWorker database/application solutions.

Features & Benefits

Optimized for Network-Wide Performance

    Limitless clients across multiple types of platforms

High Performance Solution

    Can be optimized for each hardware platform and customer application

    Combines its enterprise-strength NetWorker technology and storage management expertise

All Data Is Protected

    Selective, on-line and parallel operations for backup, restore and archive

Reduced Administration Costs

    Automated "lights out" operation with scheduling, autochanger support, and advanced media handling

Specialized Applications Are Protected

    Support for local or "over-the-wire" database backup to a centralized NetWorker storage management server or direct backup/restore via SAN

High-Performance Operations

    Bypass TCP Stack for faster data communication and transfer

Maintains Hardware Investments

    "Smart Media" automation, including label and bar code tracking, and support for cleaning cartridges and a wide variety of 4mm, 8mm, DLT, AIT, and LTO

Configurable to Meet Operational Needs

    Media pools allow databases and log files to be routed to designated media or storage devices