NetWorker WorkGroup Edition

Cost-Effective Scalable Protection

NetWorker Workgroup Edition is a high-performance storage management solution for small networks in corporate environments. NetWorker Workgroup Edition is ideally suited for remote branch offices, mixed operating system environments, and new system deployments within growing enterprises. Workgroup Edition provides NetWorker database/applications support and is both cost-effective for the local workgroup and scalable for easy integration into a centralized enterprise management plan.

Features & Benefits

All Data Is Protected

    Selective, on-line and parallel operations for backup, restore and archive

Reduced Administration Costs

    Automated "lights out" operation with scheduling, autochanger support, and advanced media handling

Specialized Applications Are Protected

    Support for local or "over-the-wire" database backup to a centralized NetWorker storage management server or direct backup/restore via SAN

Configurable to Meet Operational Needs

    Media Pools allow databases and log files to be routed to designated media or storage devices for higher performance

Centralized Administration

    Flexibility of local administrative access