NovaNET 8.5 - Features

The total network backup solution

NovaNET 8.5 Screen shot Even basic corporate systems now house multi-Gigabytes of a company's essential information and must be readily accessed and updated. "Information is Power" has never been more correct and the impact of lost data has never been more threatening.

The major challenge that faces network managers is how to safeguard this information efficiently. The data is often accessed 24 hours a day so there is little or no time for backup. Even the fastest backup systems find it difficult to backup the Terabytes of information in the time required. The backup challenge is dramatically increased when working with different network operating systems.

NovaNET 8.5 is a network backup software solution for Windows, NetWare and Linux networks. Starting with low cost SE versions of individual server backup for Windows, NetWare or Linux, NovaNET 8.5 is scalable to the flagship Alliance which provides a complete backup solution for multiple servers, workstations, and Storage Area Networks (SANs) in an integrated Windows, NetWare and Linux network environment.

NovaNET 8.5 includes a unique distributed architecture and intelligent storage management design. This provides the ability to backup to and restore from multiple tape drives anywhere on the network simultaneously, dramatically reducing the time needed to backup even the largest systems.

NovaNET 8.5 includes plug-in support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL server, Advanced Autoloader, Disaster Recovery, Microsoft Clusters and Open File Manager. NovaNET 8.5 also includes support for more tape drives, support for disk drives, new languages and One Button Disaster Recovery for HP drives.

You can get a free technical support from a team of highly trained and skilled personnel, available from 6:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, 5 days a week, and a comprehensive World Wide Web Server and multiple FTP sites. 24x7 Extended Support agreements are also available. Please for more information.

Enterprise Backup for The New Millennium

NovaNET 8.5 utilizes distributed architecture, high speed storage technology, fault tolerance, Tape Alert support, LZW software compression and comparative data verification to ensure your data will be safe and easily accessible whenever it is needed.

NovaNET 8.5 Screen shot

COMPREHENSIVE SCHEDULING: The advanced scheduling in NovaNET 8.5 lets you plan days, weeks, months and even years ahead. Autoloader/Library support and background backup operation assure regular backups for complete data security. Predefined schedules included with the application make preventing data loss easy. The automatic tape rotation manager ensures full data recovery and access to historical files.

NovaNET 8.5 Screen shot

NovaNET 8.5's Distributed Architecture and Remote Administration offer unmatched flexibility. Now, you can manage your entire enterprise backup without leaving your desk. In NovaNET 8.5's powerful storage architecture, any computer can be easily configured to backup to any supported device. The Distributed Architecture of NovaNET 8.5 has the ability to automatically utilize the best device on the network for a particular backup session. If one device fails or runs out of space in the middle of a backup session, NovaNET 8.5 will find the best device available on the network to complete the backup.

NovaNET 8.5 Screen shot

With NovaNET 8.5, recovering from a complete failure can be as quick and easy as booting up your system or pushing a single button on your tape drive. The new Disaster Recovery plug-in creates bootable diskettes or a single bootable CD that includes everything you need to recover a failed or corrupted system. NovaNET 8.5 also Supports OBDR for HP drives. This feature allows users to insert the most recent backup tape and recover the entire system with the push of a single button on the tape drive.

Main Features

  • Windows, NetWare, and Linux in a single product.

  • Backup Fault Tolerance

  • OBDR for HP Drives

  • Distributed Architecture

  • Disk Configuration Wizard for backup to disk

  • Automatic Tape Eject Function

  • Remote Administration

  • Free 9 slot Autoloader & Library Support (50-Slot with Alliance and Unlimited versions)

  • Backup to any network tape drive

  • Automated backup scheduling with Rotation Manager

  • Integrated Database Explorer

  • Software Compression (LZW)

  • Tape Alert Support

  • Multi Level Object Based Security

  • NSS, NDS and SFT IIITM support (NetWare Only)

  • Btrieve Database Agent (NetWare Only)

  • Read ARCserve 4.x-5.x tapes; (non-SMS)

  • TCP/IP and IPX support

  • Free technical support

  • Multi-language support

  • NovaNet Plug-in Options

    Provides various options to enhance your NovaNET Backup software functionality. Backup options include modules for the latest Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and Cluster Servers; Open File Backup for servers and clients; Disaster Recovery and additional autoloader slot licenses are all available for NovaNET.