UltraBac 7.x Backup Features

FTP Device   NEW IN 7.0.2

The UltraBac FTP Device provides UltraBac with the ability to direct backups to any FTP server compliant with the RFC 959 specification. This makes configuring an offsite backup location extremely easy. An FTP server with sufficient storage (even non-Windows hosts) is all you need. The requirements to configure UltraBac's FTP Device capability are very minimal: an address to a live FTP server, a valid login, and a server-interpreted path specifying where the data should be stored. The FTP Device is integrated seamlessly with UltraBac's Device Manager, thereby allowing the use of heterogeneous storage devices as backup media.

Active Cluster Server Backup   NOW WITH FAILOVER

UltraBac can back up and restore an ACTIVE Windows NT/2000/XP cluster. This capability has been proven at Microsoft's Redmond campus test facility. Cluster failover support is also provided on backup set levels. UltraBac automatically restarts the backup if failover occurs during one.

Backup Wizard

The new backup wizard in UltraBac 7.x makes it easy for the user to create backup sets from start to finish. The wizard quickly explains the backup creation, step by step. The entire UltraBac product has a well-structured, intuitive user interface.

Command Line Option

UltraBac allows for both GUI-based and command line backups for maximum flexibility in both backups and restores. Organizations with minimal technical abilities can directly integrate backup into their processes, based on their own requirements. Most GUI interface functions are also available at command line level, so batch files may be used to automate UltraBac commands if the user prefers. Improvements have been made in many areas including searching media, viewing volume information, preparing media, and ejecting media.

Disk-to-Disk Backup

UltraBac can back up data to any removable media on a network. Disk-to-disk backups are compressed, reducing disk storage requirements and making them VERY FAST. Disk-to-disk incremental backups scheduled at intervals throughout the day can prevent loss of a day's work if a disk crash or other data loss occurs between nightly backups. Now supports up to 1000 backup path devices.

Exchange 5.5 and 2000 Agent   ENHANCED

UltraBac's Exchange 2000 agent is now capable of running local and remote backups of live databases without shutting them down. This minimizes downtime for an Exchange 2000 mail server, essential for any enterprise backup scheme. The Exchange 2000 agent uses the Exchange API for fast backup speeds and absolute minimum downtime during restoration. Allows SMTP email notification and single mailbox recovery. Supports Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000 backups.

Express Index

UltraBac's Express Index improves restore times tremendously on DLT and QIC multi-track technology tape drives by pinpointing the exact location of a file on tape. This completely eliminates the need to go back and forth searching for a particular file. Testing has conclusively proven that Express Index can reduce restore times on these types of backup devices from hours to minutes.

High-Resolution Scheduler  ENHANCED

UltraBac's new high-resolution scheduler has a flexible filter to define one-time, daily, weekly, and yearly scheduled backups. It has granularity equal to or better than a CRON-based scheduler. The scheduler interface is easily maneuverable and contains useful features like e-mail notification, batch file execution, autoloader support, storage media failover, and error checking options. The scheduler also contains an easy-to-use wizard to guide the user, step by step, in the creation of a scheduled backup.

Locked File Backup Agent

Allows backup of locked exclusive files or a file to which XP/2000/NT can not gain access while open, such as WINS database and local PST files. When UltraBac uses Locked File Backup, it temporarily "freezes" the partition and backs up all the data on the drive whether or not the data is locked by another application. Users can access the temporarily "frozen" partition while it is being backed up.

NetWare Agent

UltraBac's NetWare agent backs up remote NetWare machines. Versions of NetWare supported are 4.11 and greater. Supports SPX/IPX and TCP/IP protocols.

Oracle Agent  IMPROVED

UltraBac's Oracle Agent can now run remote or local backups of any Oracle server on the network. The entire agent code has been modified to use the Oracle "Net8" network technology. This gives system administrators the tools they need to easily back up Oracle databases, which often run mission-critical tasks.

Remote Administration

UltraBac 7.x can connect to any other UltraBac 7.x console using the "Connect To" feature. The "Connect To" feature can be used to create sets on other UltraBac 7.x servers, view backup jobs interactively, edit sets or scheduled backup jobs, add new storage devices and perform other administration tasks.

Remote/Local Server Agent

Gives users the ability to push information from one server to another. It allows the local computer to software compress data before it is transferred over the network, thus increasing backup speed significantly. Another feature of the agent is capturing the System State or Active Directory (for domain controllers) on a local or remote Windows 2000 machine. This feature is absolutely essential for disaster recovery on domain controllers. Without an Active Directory backup, it would be impossible to rebuild a crashed domain controller back to its original state. Now this critical task can even be achieved from a remote backup server.

Single Mailbox Backup Agent

Using UltraBac's Single Mailbox Backup Agent, mailboxes can be backed up on an individual level. Each top-level object seen through Microsoft Outlook (with the exception of PST files) can be selected and backed up using the Mailbox Agent. In addition to full Exchange server backups using our Exchange Agent, this feature provides more fault tolerance, particularly for mission-critical mailboxes. If a mailbox or an object within a mailbox is accidentally deleted through Microsoft Outlook, it may be restored one of two ways -- the user can either overwrite the current contents of the Mailbox or temporarily mount the mailbox to a PST file and copy the missing contents from the PST folder to its original location.

SQL Server Agent

Allows backup of an open Microsoft SQL Server database without shutting down the database service beforehand. The SQL agent uses Microsoft API's to run the backup and restore, thereby insuring speed and reliability of the backup. UltraBac can restore a database to its original location or move it from one SQL server to another.

Storage Device Manager

This feature allows the backup administrator to use a remote tape drive on the network as a storage device. Remote autoloader administration can also be accomplished. The Storage Device Manager facilitates centralized backup storage, which can be a much more efficient and organized solution, especially helpful when recovery is needed "on the fly." Supports all remote tape devices.

Tivoli Storage Manager Device

Ultrabac's UltraBac Tivoli Storage Manager Device allows UltraBac to write data to a Tivoli Storage Manager server. UltraBac manages the administration of the backup and restore processes, while Tivoli manages the media that these backups are written to. The device is built atop the Tivoli Storage Manager API for a robust interface with the Tivoli Storage Manager architecture, and has been qualified for TSM API levels 4.2 and above. Requires UltraBac Single Server License.