Backup Professional Roadmap

Slated for Release 2.x

 End-to-End Encryption will be added for secure backups and data transfer across networks.

The "Media Manager" module will increase backup speeds by streaming & multiplex data from multiple systems simultaneously. This will be ideal to 'feed' new high-speed tape-drives and keep those units working at their fastest possible throughput.

The Media Manager will integrate more tightly with robotic tape units from our various tape-library manufacturers such as ADIC, Exabyte, Quantum, Qualstar, Tandberg and others.

The Media Manager will employ Double Buffering allowing for the fastest possible backup speeds on multi-processor machines.

 "BPTalk" will be another add-in module which is a network communicator and messenger used to convey messages regarding backups and restores to and from the administrators as well as the users of workstations. Like an octopus, its tentacles will reach wherever communication is needed. For the users, it is an easy and friendly way to communicate with the Server(s).

  Windows NT Server ... watch for support soon