High-Performance 9-Track Tape Drives

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UNY-9T - Compact, low profile and lightweight 9-Track Tape Drive

Hi-performance data interchange
Designed for ANSI/IBM standard 9-track data interchange, these popular UNY-9T models offer high-performance at 375 KB/second GCR sustained transfer rates and 96 KB/second PE sustained transfer rates.

9 track, interchange tape

Exceptional Reliability
Advanced design minimizes the number of moving parts and electronic connectors for unparalleled reliability with greater than 20,000-hour Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Advanced Design Features
The compact, low-profile, 3˝ inch height integrates easily into most office environments. The unprecedented low weight is just 30 pounds. On-board cache memory is 1 MB. Autoload features assures easy operation and Advanced Tape Transport System (ATTS) extends tape life. Self-test diagnostics on power-up, low power usage of only 45 watts average, and autoranging power supply that runs on any standard line voltage in the world are more welcome advanced features. Tape reels from 7 to 10˝ inch are accommodated.

Efficient Operation
The design is power-efficient as well, drawing an average of just 45 watts. Equally efficient reel motors run cool and quiet. You’ll hardly notice the drive is on. No drive treats your tapes better than UNY-9T. Our Advanced Tape Transport System (ATTS) puts a microprocessor in charge of tape motion, eliminating mechanical parts which can add wear to your tapes and are more prone to fail. The microprocessor automatically optimizes tape tension for the tape being used. Cool running motors and our innovative Glass-Filled Thermoset (GFT) deckplate guard your tape from any heat. The enclosed tape path is kept virtually dust-free too.

Advanced Features
The 9T-SE and 9T-DF models in bring you true SCSI-2 compatibility in a sleek, 3˝ inch-high case. The UNY-9T drive offers you all the advanced benefits and features that have made the UNY-9T series the favorite of the industry. The most obvious benefits are UNY-9T’s small size and weight. The drive fits comfortably on the desktop, its sleek styling complementing any office. Or, mount it in a standard rack. If you need to move the drive, you’ll appreciate its low weight of just 30 pounds.

UNY-9T Specifications

9-track recording modes PE - 1600 bpi, GCR - 6250 bpi, read and writePE - 3200 bpi, read only
9-track recording modes PE - 1600 bpi, GCR - 6250 bpi, read and writePE - 3200 bpi, read only
Tape capacity 46 MB (1600 bpi), 92 MB (3200 bpi), 180 MB (6250 bpi), 270 MB with 3,600 ft. tape at 6250 bpi
Read/write speed 60 ips, streaming, 205 ips, rewind (avg.)
Transfer rate 375 KB/second (sustained) at 6250 bpi
96 KB/second (sustained) at 1600/3200 bpi
2.5 MB/second (asynchronous mode)
5.0 MB/second (synchronous mode)
Hard error rate 1 x 1012 bytes (read)
Drive Reliability
MTBF >20,000 power-on hours typical
MTTR 30 minutes
Recording Medium
Tape 7 to 10.5 inch tape reels supported. Computer grade ANSI X3.40-1983 1.0 mil or 1.5 mil thickness
Supported interface SCSI-2, single-ended (9T-SE) and differential (9T-DF)
Temperature +41° to +104° F (+5° to +40° C)
Relative humidity 20% to 80% RH, (non-condensing)
Altitude 0 to 10,000 feet (0 m to 3048 m)
Regulatory Safety
Physical Dimensions
Height 3.5 in (8.89 cm)
Width 19 in (48.26 cm)
Length 23 in (58.42 cm)
Weight 37 lb (16.78 kg)
Height 3.5 in (8.89 cm)
Width 16.6 in (42.16 cm)
Length 23 in (58.42 cm)
Weight 30 lb (13.6 kg)

High-Performance Quad-Density UNY-7000T 9-Track Tape System

data interchange, 9 track

The UNY-7000T 9 Track Tape Drives are the ultimate high-performance 9-track tape drive operating in all four densities: 6250/3200/1600/800 bpi data formats.

The UNY-7000T 9 Track Tape Drives operates at 50 ips true start/stop and at 100 ips in streaming mode in all densities. Microprocessor-driven servos provide fast and reliable push button operation.

Two operating modes, programmable and auto-program are furnished. Via a front panel that includes LCD display, the operator may select start/stop or streaming, enable or disable cache buffers, adjust transfer rates and more. Auto-program permits the drive to select the mode of operation permitting the greatest overall throughput.

Available interfaces include the Pertec industry standard, SCSI, HPIB and RS-232.

UNY-7000T Specifications

Tape Loading

Self threading/Auto loading

Tape Speed

50 ips true start/stop
100 ips streaming


Computer grade half-inch magnetic tape ANSI-X3.40,1976

Reel Size

6 inch to 10.5 inch

Head Type

9 track, dual gap, read-after-write

Data Format

GCR - 6250bpi
DDPE - 3200bpi
PE - 1600bpi
NRZI - 800bpi

Data Transfer Rate at 50ips

GCR 312,000bps
DDPE 160,000bps
PE 80,000bps
NRZI 40,000bps

Data Transfer Rate at 100ips

GCR 625,000bps
DDPE 320,000bps
PE 160,000bps
NRZI 80,000bps

Data Transfer Rate with Cache

Up to 1.0 Megabytes per second

Rewind Time

180 seconds for 2400 foot tape

Loading Time

25 seconds maximum

Operating Environment

Temperature: 40 F (5 C) to 100 F (38 C)
Relative Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing
Altitude: 0 to 10,000 feet


Rack: 83.6 lbs (38 kg)
Desk top: 92.4 lbs (42 kg)


Rack: H: 8.7" (221 mm) W: 18.9" (480 mm) D: 24.4" (620 mm)
Desk top: H: 9.4" (229 mm) W: 18.9" (480 mm) D: 24.4" (620 mm)


100-120 VAC at 50-60Hz; 500 Watts maximum

Data Interchange Software

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