SnapShotServer for NetWare Novell Netware

High-Performance Data Recovery

SnapShotServer for NetWare gives you centralized control of the backup process. By capturing live data at any time of day, you can backup open files or live databases at your convenience. It creates an image of your live volumes at designated intervals and either holds them or presents these frozen images to any standard backup utility.

SnapShotServer for NetWare is ideal for networks that cannot afford to shut down for backups. SnapShotServer provides convenient capture of live data, backup of open files or live databases at any time of day. SnapShotServer and your backup utility operate on a standby machine, so backups do not affect the primary server or network performance. There is no chance of server downtime due to backup software crashes.

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Downtime Is Unacceptable Even When Backing Up
In today's business-critical environment, companies can't afford downtime, even when backing up data. With Unylogix SnapShotServer, businesses have a more centralized control over the backup process. By capturing live data any time of the day, companies can back up open files or live databases whenever it is convenient. SnapShotServer creates an image of live volumes at designated intervals and either holds them or presents these frozen images to any standard backup utility. This eliminates the chance of server downtime due to backup software crashes.

Features and Benefits
Working in concert with virtually any backup utility, SnapShotServer for NetWare is ideal for databases that cannot be shut down for back ups. It is an NLM application running on the standby machine in a StandbyServer, a StandbyServer Many-to-One environment, or by itself on any server. When a snapshot is taken, it creates a complete, frozen, virtual image of the data on the standby machine. Using sophisticated buffering techniques, the virtual image is held until the backup utility completes access to the volumes. The snapshot image can be mounted and manipulated like any other NetWare volume.

Copy Exists Away From The Main Server
This virtual copy exists separately from the main server data and can be acted on separately. It can be copied to a removable storage device such as a magneto-optical cartridge. Traditional backup methods such as tape storage or other media can also be used.

Frequent Backups
With SnapShotServer, backups can be done more frequently because SnapShotServer’s ability to backup up open files and live databases gives you the flexibility to perform backups whenever you want. You do not have to wait for files and databases to be closed before a backup can begin. By offloading the backup process to the standby machine, backups will no longer impact processing on the primary server.

Faster Restoration
SnapShotServer for NetWare allows for 31 overlapping snapshots at any time. If data loss or corruption occurs, the system can be rolled back to the snapshot before the problem happened, rather than having to restore from the last tape backup session. This makes restoration faster and easier.

Centralized Backup In A Multi-Server Environment
SnapShotServer is included with every StandbyServer Many-To-One package. This combination of products allows multiple servers in an enterprise environment to be backed up from a single standby machine. This simplifies the backup process by providing a central control point for backup administration. Working together, SnapShotServer and StandbyServer maintain complete mirrored copies of all the primary servers’ data on the standby machine to provide true data protection and to enable server failover.

Features & Benefits

No Impact to End-Users
   Backup open files and live databases during normal business hours
   Point-in-Time copy of data on NetWare volumes
   Provides seamless, uninterrupted access to data while backups are in process

Backup Occurs on the Standby Machine (when used with StandbyServer)
   Main server is not affected by backup software
   Maximizes the additional power of the standby machine
   Backups can be done at any time.

Backed-Up Data Is Current and Complete
   System rollback capabilities for quicker and easier data recovery

Maximizes the Additional Power of the Standby Machine
   Allows for 31 overlapping snapshots at any time
   Compatible with all software that runs on NetWare

Users Experience No Network Slowdown During Backups
   Backups can be done as often as every 15 minutes


  • StandbyServer or StandbyServer Many-to-One for NetWare, two (or more) Novell-certified 4.X, 5.X and 6.X, (plus all other StandbyServer or Many-to-One requirements.) Or, a stand-alone NetWare server running NetWare 4, 5, or 6

  • When SnapShotServer for NetWare is used with Standby Server Many-to-One for NetWare, two Novell certified servers with the latest NetWare patches are required. (See the StandbyServer and StandbyServer Many-To-One technical manuals for more information).

  • Primary and standby machines must be running matching versions of NetWare.

  • In a multi-server environment where different versions of NetWare are running, the standby machine must be running the most current version of NetWare.

  • StandbyServer (v5.10) Many-to-One for NetWare 5 requires NetWare 5 on all servers.

  • An additional disk device must be installed in the standby machine beyond any drives used for mirroring. This is used as the buffer volume for SnapShotServer. (SnapShotServer versions 3 and 2 require an additional partition on the stand-alone server.)

  • An additional disk device must be installed in the Primary server if SnapShotServer is used in the standalone mode.

  • Additional memory will need to be added to the primary server or standby machine since mounting snapshot volumes requires memory. As with other NetWare volumes, before one or multiple snapshot volumes can be mounted, each requires its own memory space.