AIT tape libraries / jukeboxes

Advanced AIT Library Family

There are a variety of AIT based libraries available - from the compact CLS series which fits into a small 2U-high package, to the RLS series of rackmount libraries, all the way to the TLS series which scales from 12 to 600-slots. Each series answers different needs and provides AIT tape automation for backup, archive, HSM and storage management applications.

These libraries are supported by all major software suppliers, as well, the units can be set to emulate other tape libraries to ensure compatibility with existing applications and environments.

Belts and pulleys have been eliminated within the mechanisms and have been replaced with brushless DC motors and a closed-loop motion control system to ensure the ultimate in library reliability.
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Overview of advanced AIT tape librairies

    RLS Series

    RLS series - AIT   RLS series - AIT

  • The RLS series supports AIT, LTO and SuperDLT cartridge tape formats, giving users more technology choices.
    The RLS-Series Tape Library family includes five models yielding capacities up to 18 terabytes.
    Depending on the tape drive technology chosen, individual models house up to four tape drives with data transfer rates of neraly 450 gigabytes per hour.

    TLS-4000 Series

    TLS-4000 AIT series

  • The TLS-4000 AIT series comprises twelve models ranging from 10 to 600 tape slots and from 1 to 12 drives.
    Per library capacities run from 1 to 156 Terabytes for the 600-slot TLS412600 with AIT-3 drives.