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Product Summary
Product Description

Product Summary

486 to 10,386 cartridges
up to 50 drives

Product Description

Openness is the AML/E's most significant advantage. It is a true mixed-media system, compatible with all commonly available drives. Mixtures of different media and drives can easily be combined within a single system. Also, the AML/E can be expanded in stages, allowing the system to grow with your projected data storage requirements.

Unylogix Technologies has many years of experience with large computer installations and has drawn on the expertise that went into the market leading AML/2 for the design of the AML/E. That's why choosing an AML Automated Mixed-Media Library is a sound investment in the future of your company. Our systems can make the best use of even the smallest space in a computer room. The AML/E is a natural extension of our HSM and Archival Storage Software Products. The AML/E builds on software proven by years of use in its larger predecessors. Like the entire AML family, this compact system has been developed by specialists with a wealth of experience in automating computer data storage. These experts know your needs. In development, implementation and support they know how to exploit their technological lead to your best advantage.

bulletTailored for businesses that can store their data on 360 to 11,520 cartridges.
bulletSustains 300 mount/keep actions per hour, thus ensuring consistently low access times for increasing amounts of data.
bulletHandles 3480/3490, 3590, DLT™, VHS, 8mm, 5 1/4" Optical Disks, D-2S, D-2M with its versatile gripper.
bulletCartridge storage units can be installed in a variety of combinations.
bulletEasily expands with your growing business.
bulletModular construction is a key factor in the flexibility of the AML/E system.
bulletFully compatible with all major operating systems today.
bulletSupports mixed media and mixed drive types.

Expansion Possibilities

AML/E Expansion Diagram



Storage capacities with, for example, 3480 style cartridges:

Linear Rack: height cartridges max of 6 racks

2.05m 120 720

2.43m 150 900

2.80m 180 1080

Hexa Tower: height cartridges max of 4 towers

2.05m 720 2880

2.43m 900 3600

2.80m 1080 4320

Quadro Tower: height cartridges max of 2 towers

2.05m 3840 7680

2.43m 4800 9600

2.80m 5760 11520

All storage units can be equipped with a mixture of several different media types.

Actions per hour: 300 sustained, 400 peak

We support magnetic tape cartridge drives from the following manufacturers: ADIC, IBM, DEC, HDS, Memorex, SNI, STK and others.

All automatable drives for: 3480/3490, 8590, DLT, VHS, 8mm, 5 1/4" Optical Disks, D-2S, D-2M.

Host-To-Tape Library Communications

LU 6.2 Token Ring



V24 (RS-232)

Ethernet TCP/IP

Software and Platforms
IBM MVS/SP2/XA/ESA (available in Europe only)
IBS OS/400
Convex, Silicon Graphics, Sun, IBM RS/6000,
HP, Digital Open VMS, Fujitsu Siemens Computers BS2000 with OSD, RMxxx with Reliant Unix, Primepower with Solaris, and PRIMERGY with NT