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Product Summary

Up to 76,608 cartridges (5,184TB native)
Up to 256 drives drives
Supports nearly 20 recording technologies
Provides mixed-media operation
Optional dual-robot support

Product Description

The AML/2 is the industry's premier solution for large data system storage. It offers the industry's largest capacity, scaling to support hundreds of drives, more than 76,000 pieces of media, and as much as 5,000TB of data (native). The library grows simply by adding new, barrier-free modules.

For true mission-critical applications, the AML/2 offers the only large-scale library in which every piece of media can be accessed by two fully-redundant robotics systems to ensure maximum continuous data availability.

The AML/2 supports more than a dozen media types. The AML/2's barrier-free scalability and mixed-media support make it the preferred choice for a wide range of data management tasks, including:

  • Backup and Restore
  • Nearline and HSM
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Archiving
  • Digital Broadcasting
  • Data Acquisition

The AML/2 features a multi-host architecture that lets the library share data across all of your network applications and architectures, including Storage Area Networks. It also supports partitioning of the library's storage into user-defined virtual libraries.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry's largest capacity data storage library—the only one with fully redundant robotics for continuous data availability
  • Industry-leading density, with more than 6,500GB per square foot
  • Protects your investment by supporting simultaneous use of different media and drive types and providing an easy migration path to new technologies
  • Scales with your data growth using unique barrier-free expansion to eliminate all pass-through ports
  • Multi-host architecture makes it easy to share the library between different applications and operating systems
  • Provides for automated data and media management and allows easy remote monitoring and operation.
  • Supported by one of the industry's premier global networks of integration, logistics, and field support experts

AML/2 expansion
The AML/2 holds up to 5,184TB and 400 drives, handles a mixture of drive and media types, scales without pass-through ports, and offers the industry's only fully redundant robotics option.

Library Configurations and Capacity

AML/2 libraries grow with your data through a barrier-free expansion system that adds capacity and drives without using pass-through ports. Media is stored in QuadroTowers, offered in three different heights, which can be added to the library to accommodate growing data management demands. Drives are housed in up to 54 separate drive cabinets attached to the library. The AML/2 robotics support concurrent operation of multiple media types and can be easily upgraded in the field to add new drive and media technology. An optional second robotics system, which can access all the media in the library, provides full redundancy.

Drive TechnologySample Cartridge Capacity per QuadroTower
(Up to nine per system)
Betacam/DTF, Large1,2801,5361,792

AML/2 Sample Configuration 1

AML/2 Sample Configuration 2

AML/2 Sample Configuration 3

Media are stored in QuadroTowers which can be added to the library to accommodate growing data management demands. An optional second robotics system provides full redundancy.


Drive and Media Support
DriveNative Media
Cartridge RangeSystem CapacityMaximum Drives
3590E20.0GB3205,0006.4TB100.0TBUp to 76
3590E40.0GB3,84051,840153.6TB2,073.6TBUp to 400
SDLT110.0GB3,45646,656380.2TB5,132.2TBUp to 400
DLT800040.0GB3,45646,656138.2TB1,866.2TBUp to 400
DLT700035.0GB3,45646,656121.0TB1,633.0TBUp to 400
AIT250.0GB5,37676,608268.8TB3,830.4TBUp to 400
STK 984020.0GB3,84051,84076.8TB1,036.8TBUp to 400
LTO Ultrium100GB3,84051,840384.0TB5,184.0TBUp to 400
SD-3 (RedWood)50.0GB3,84051,840192.0TB2,592.0TBUp to 216
3480/90/E0.8GB3,84051,8403.1TB41.5TBUp to 400
M810010.0GB3,84051,84038.4TB518.4TBUp to 400
Mammoth-260.0GB5,37676,608322.5TB4,596.5TBUp to 400
Optical Disk5.2GB2,81641,18414.6TB214.2TBUp to 400
CD-ROM (caddy)0.7GB4,80064,8003.1TB42.1TBUp to 400
DST 314, Medium300.0GB96012,096288.0TB3,628.8TBUp to 216
DST 314, Small150.0GB1,34419,008201.6TB2,851.2TBUp to 216
DTF-2, Large200.0GB1,28016,128256.0TB3,225.6TBUp to 216
DTF-2, Small60.0GB2,04827,648122.9TB1,658.9TBUp to 216
VHS14.5GB1,79223,04026.0TB334.1TBUp to 324
Betacam, Small36 minutes2,04827,6481,228.8 hours16,588.8 hoursUp to 216
Betacam, Large110 minutes1,28016,1282,346.7 hours29,568.0 hoursUp to 216

Connectivity:Multiple, heterogeneous servers via the AML Management Unit
Compatibility:Half-inch (3480, 3490, 3590, 9840, M8100, SD-3 RedWood)
DST, small
DST, medium
CD-ROM (Caddy)
LTO Ultrium
Betacam, small
Betacam, large
DTF, small
DTF, large
Optical Disk 5.2
Optical Disk Reflection
Performance:Up to 250 exchanges per hour
Access time less than 10 seconds
Reliability:1,000,000 MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure)
Automatic calibration routines

Dimensions, QuadroTower Module:88.2“ W x 88.2“ D
(2.24m x 2.24m)
Height: 80.8” (2.05m), 95.7” (2.43m), or 110.3” (2.8m)
Dimensions, Robotic Track Section:
(Two sections per QuadroTower Module)
44.1“ L x 39.4“ W
(1.12m x 1.0m)
Dimensions, Typical Drive Cabinet:26“ W x 31.5” D
(0.660m x 0.8m)

Electrical, Robotic Controller:North America—208 volts, three phase
Europe—115, 230, or 400 volts, single phase
Electrical, Drive Cabinet:208 volts, three phase
Temperature:16° to 32°C operating
Humidity:15 to 75% non-condensing operating

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