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Product Summary
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Product Summary

72 to 7560 cartridges
up to 226 drives
Supports nearly 20 recording technologies
Provides mixed-media operation

Product Description

The AML/J automated storage library offers a unique combination of solutions for your large-system data storage needs.

Its the right solution for changing technology because mixing and changing media is easy. Supporting more than a dozen technologies, the AML/J is designed for easy field integration of new drive technologies. And since it supports concurrent operation of different technologies in the same library, older and newer technologies can easily co-exist.

The AML/J is the right solution for data growth because it offers true scalability within a single library. Barrier-free expansion modules let you scale the system easily and economicallyfrom as few as two drives and 400 cartridges to as many as 226 drives and 7,500 cartridges.

Finally, the AML/J is the right solution for enterprise storage because the system makes it easy to share the library between different applications and operating systems. Its multi-host architecture lets the AML/J become a shared network resource. You can also partition the library into user-defined volumes.

Features and Benefits

  • Grows economically with your data using a unique barrier-free expansion system that eliminates pass-through ports
  • Provides the industry's widest choice of storage technologies, including simultaneous use of different media
  • Protects your organization's IT investment by offering an easy migration path to new technologies
  • Offers an integrated multi-host architecture that makes it easy to share the library between different applications and operating systems
  • Provides for automated data and media management and allows easy remote monitoring and operation
  • Supported by one of the industry's premier global networks of integration, logistics, and field support experts
AML/J expansion
The AML/J scales easily with your data, while maintaining the performance, reliability, and economy of a single integrated library. Up to nine Expansion Modules can be attached to the Base Module without pass-through ports.

Library Configurations and Capacity
The AML/J grows with your data through a barrier-free expansion system that never uses pass-through ports. The Base Module houses drives, media, an import/export unit, and the library controller. The library can be expanded with up to nine Expansion Modules, each housing only media (Storage Expansion Module) or a combination of media and drives (Drive Expansion Module).

Sample Capacity Range Per Base Module
3590Up to 6Up to 520
AITUp to 10Up to 784
DLTtapeUp to 10Up to 468
MO (5.25")Up to 8Up to 396
Betacam, LargeUp to 2Up to 160
Sample Capacity Range Per Expansion Module
3590Up to 8Up to 250
AITUp to 24Up to 784
DLTtapeUp to 24Up to 468
MO (5.25")Up to 12Up to 396
Betacam, LargeUp to 8Up to 160

AML/J Sample Configuration 1

AML/J Sample Configuration 2

AML/J Sample Configuration 3


Drive and Media Support
DriveNative Media
Cartridge RangeSystem CapacityMaximum Drives
3590E20.0GB3205,0006.4TB100.0TBUp to 76
DLT800040.0GB3244,53613.0TB181.4TBUp to 226
DLT700035.0GB3244,53611.3TB158.8TBUp to 226
AIT250.0GB5047,56025.2.TB378.0TBUp to 226
984020.0GB3004,9806.0TB99.6TBUp to 114
LTO Ultrium100.0GB3205,00032.0TB500.0TBUp to 226
SD-3 (RedWood)50.0GB3205,00016.0TB250.0TBUp to 76
3480/90/E0.8GB3205,0000.3TB4.0TBUp to 76
M810010.0GB3205,0003.2TB50.0TBUp to 114
8mm (Mammoth)20.0GB5047,56010.1TB151.2TBUp to 114
Optical Disk5.2GB2643,8281.4TB19.9TBUp to 114
CD-ROM (caddy)0.7GB4205,8200.3TB3.8TBUp to 226
DST, Medium300.0GB721,15221.6TB345.6TBUp to 38
DST, Small150.0GB1081,83616.2TB275.4TBUp to 38
DTF, Large200.0GB961,53619.2TB307.2TBUp to 38
DTF, Small60.0GB1762,76810.6TB166.1TBUp to 38
4mm12.0GB4846,8205.8TB81.8TBUp to 171
VHS14.5GB1802,4482.6TB35.5TBUp to 57
Betacam, Large110 minutes961,536176.0 hours2,816.0 hoursUp to 57
Betacam, Small36 minutes1762,768105.6 hours1,660.8 hoursUp to 57

Note: Minimum configuration assumes Base Module with import/export unit and maximum drive count. Maximum configuration assumes Base Module plus nine Expansion Modules filled with media.

Multi-Host Architecture
With the AML/J's integrated multi-host architecture, your storage library can play a central role in managing all of your data. Multi-host architecture lets your AML/J become a shared network resource that protects and organizes your information across all of your network applications and operating systems, including Storage Area Networks (SANs). It also lets you partition your library into user-defined volumes, automate media management, and support remote monitoring and operation.

AML/J Multi-Host Architecture illustration

AML/Js multi-host architecture means the library can be a shared network resource across multiple applications and operating systems.

Connectivity:Multiple, heterogeneous servers via the AML Management Unit
Compatibility:Half-inch (3480, 3490, 3590, 9840, M8100, SD-3 RedWood)
DST, small
DST, medium
CD-ROM (Caddy)
4mm (DDS)
Betacam, small
Betacam, large
DTF, small
DTF, large
Optical Disk 5.2
Optical Disk Reflection
Performance:Up to 175 exchanges per hour
Access time less than 10 seconds
Reliability:1,000,000 MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure)
Automatic calibration routines
Two-hour MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)

Base ModuleStorage Expansion Module
(With No Drives)
Drive Expansion Module
(With Drive Shelves)
Dimensions:42.7W x 63.4D x 76.8H
(1085mm x 1610mm x 1950mm)
29.5W x 31.3D x 76.8H
(750mm x 795mm x 1950mm)
29.5W x 63.4D x 76.8H
(750mm x 1610mm x 1950mm)
Weight:777 lbs without drives/media(353kg)253 lbs without drives/media(115kg)451 lbs without drives/media(205kg)

Electrical:120/230 VAC, 0.7kVA
Temperature:16 to 32C operating
Humidity:15 to 75% non-condensing operating

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