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Product Summary

Up to 6 SDLT/DLT drives, Up to 8 AIT drives
Up to 60 DLT/SDLT, 54 LTO, 72 AIT Cartridges
Up to 28.8TB Capacity
Up to 475GB/Hour Transfer Rate

Product Description

The Scalar 100 is a mid-range library that offers a powerful combination of industry-leading density, trouble-free scalability, and advanced storage networking technology.

This capacity-packed system is the first tape library to deliver a storage density of 1TB per rack unit. In fact, a standard rack cabinet can hold three Scalar 100s, giving you up to 43TBs of capacity in a very compact space.

Highly scalable, the Scalar 100 can grow from 15 to 96 tapes and from 1 to 8 drives. Adding capacity is easy. Upgrades take less than 10 minutes and don’t require changing your rack system or adding external elevators or pass-through ports.

The Scalar 100 also gives you enterprise-class storage features, including integrated SAN connectivity and management services, redundant power, remote management, and a bulk-load mailbox that can handle 2TBs at a time.

The Scalar 100 supports LTO, SDLT/DLT, or AIT technology.

A standard rack cabinet holds up to three Scalar 100's,providing nearly 43TB of storage capacity!

Features and Benefits

  • Industry-leading density: stores up to 28.8TB in only 14 rack units
  • Economical scalability: scales from 1 to 8 drives and from 15 to 96 cartridges—all within the same unit
  • Space-efficient: compact size maximizes limited server room real estate
  • Easy growth: expansion within minutes—and without pass-through ports
  • Proven connectivity: storage network interoperability means seamless integration into new or existing SANs
  • Intelligent SAN support: integrated storage networking support—including serverless backup, data path conditioning, and built-in firewall—for easier installation and operation, higher performance and reliability
  • Reliability: built-in diagnostics, redundant power supplies, and a 1,000,000 cartridge-change rating
  • Responsive service: one-year on-site service provided by ADIC technical Assistance Center (ATAC) with 24-hour, worldwide service and support


Library Configurations
DrivesSlots**Max Capacity*Drives Slots**Max Capacity*DrivesSlots**Max Capacity*
  LTO-2LTO-1 AIT-3AIT-2 SDLT 320SDLT 220DLT 8000
Base Config.1 to 6Up to 187.2TB3.6TB2 to 8Up to 246.2TB3.1TB1 to 6Up to 154.8TB3.3TB1.2TB
w/2nd Storage Col.1 to 6Up to 3614.4TB7.2TB2 to 8Up to 4812.4TB6.2TB1 to 6 Up to 309.6TB6.6TB2.4TB
w/3rd Storage Col.1 to 6Up to 5421.6TB10.8TB2 to 8Up to 7218.8TB9.4TB1 to 6Up to 4514.4TB9.9TB3.6TB
w/4th Storage Col.1 to 6Up to 7228.8TB14.4TB2 to 8Up to 9625.0TB12.5TB1 to 6Up to 6019.2TB13.2TB4.8TB
 Up to 12 6-slot magazinesUp to 12 8-slot magazinesUp to 12 5-slot magazines
*Assumes 2:1 average compression and 2.6:1 compression for AIT, unless otherwise stated
** Uses 1-slot mailbox for 18 and 36 (LTO) and 15 and 30 (SDLT/DLT) configurations; 2-slot mailbox for 24 and 48 (AIT) configuration

Cartridge Change:10 seconds
Inventory Time:Less than 60 seconds
Library Management Interface Operator Panel:Password-protected, context-sensitive LCD menu display with backlight; displays library, drive, and mailbox activity
Remote Management:Integrated web server (Remote Management Unit or RMU)
Drive:Operational status LED; single character display
Library Interface:Switch selectable for HVD, LVD/SCSI or Fibre Channel
Drive Interface:LTO: LVD; AIT, SDLT/DLT: HVD or LVD/SCSI
SCSI Connection:68-pin micro-D
Import/Export:Up to 12 (LTO/SDLT) or 18 (AIT) cartridge positions

Drive Hard Error Rate:Less than 1 in 1017 bits per permanent read error
Tape Shelf Life:30 years minimum (at 20 ºC, 40%RH)
MSBF:Greater than 1,000,000
MTBF:Greater than 250,000 power on hours
MTTR:Less than 30 minutes
Power:Redundant power supplies available
User Upgrades:Drives, mailbox, storage capacity columns, magazines, rackmount kit, casters, second power supply, Storage Networking Controller
Field Replaceable:Power supplies, picker assembly, control electronics, Hot Swap Drives1, RMU
Diagnostics:Auto calibration, auto inventory, Built-In-Test (BIT), SNMP alerts via RMU

Dimensions, stand-alone:18.9”W x 28.8”D x 25”H (48.0cm x 73.2cm x 63.5cm)
Dimensions, rack mounted:17.4”W x 28.8”D x 24.5”H (44.2cm x 73.2cm x 62.2cm)
Rack Height:14 Rack Units
Shipping Weight:210 lbs (85.5kg) with media

Electrical:115/230 VAC, 0.45kVA
Frequency:50-60 Hz
Altitude:30,000 ft (9,144m)
Temperature:10 to 40ºC operating
Humidity:20 to 80% non-condensing operating
Power Consumption, Library:93W 317BTU/hr
Power Consumption, Drive Sled:LTO-2: 31W, 106 BTU/hr
LTO-1, AIT: 40W, 136 BTU/hr
SDLT: 29W, 99BTU/hr
DLT8000: 44W, 150 BTU/hr
Power Consumption, Storage Networking Controller:30W 102BTU/hr; 30W 10BTU/hr;

Compliance and Certification
Safety:C-TUV-US, TUV/GS, IEC 60950 with worldwide country deviations
Emissions: FCC, VCCI, CISPR 22 and EN 55022 Class A, EN 61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 11
Immunity:EN55024, CISPR 24
International:CE, BSMI

Storage Networking Support
Platform/Connectivity:SNC™ 2Gb/sec. Fibre Channel x 4 LVD SCSI
Management Services:End-to-end path verification, error recovery, drive performance optimization, SAN security (Scalar Firewall Manager), serverless backup (Data Mover Module)


1 Without affecting library operation. Bus integrity must be sustained.

2 Power consumption is obtained using RMS values for voltage and current. Indicated Agency Label value for maximum volt-Amperes of 240V*3.5A (840W) should be used to determine non-cooling system requirements. Drive sled power consumption is taken while writing to a tape.

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