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Cost-effective scalability and SAN support for high-growth environments

Supports LTO, SDLT/DLT, and AIT technologies
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Product Summary
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Product Summary

The Scalar 1000 is a high-performance, scalable tape library with integrated storage networking support. A budget-friendly choice, the library reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) in high-growth environments.

The Scalar 1000 grows easily and economically, scaling from 118 tapes to more than a thousand. Unlike other libraries, its unique barrier-free expansion eliminates the use of pass-through ports—maintaining performance and reliability as the system scales.

To provide better backup in storage networks, the Scalar 1000 features management services that ease installation and diagnostics, enhance security and availability, and make data management more efficient. These tools include serverless backup, single-view connectivity, a built-in SAN firewall, and data-path conditioning utilities that increase backup performance and reliability.

The Scalar 1000 supports LTO, SDLT/DLT, and AIT technologies in single- or mixed-media configurations. It also offers up to 16 virtual library partitions.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective scalability: pay as you grow by adding drives, cartridges, and expansion modules, as needed
  • Barrier-free growth: robotics extend through all modules for continuous high-speed service without pass-through ports
  • Proven connectivity: storage network interoperability means seamless integration into new or existing SANs
  • Intelligent SAN support: integrated storage networking support—including serverless backup, data path conditioning, and built-in firewall—for easier installation and operation, higher performance and reliability
  • Reliability: diagnostic options include real-time health checks, email and pager alerts, and phone-home event reporting
  • High performance: Supports up to 48 drives with a 1,000,000-cartridge exchange rating.
  • Remote operation: browser-based management lets you perform all library operations and diagnostics remotely
  • Investment protection: supports LTO, SDLT/DLT, and AIT in single- or multi-technology installations for maximum flexibility and performance
  • Virtual libraries: provides up to 16 “virtual library” partition options for multiple applications support
  • Responsive service: one-year on-site service provided by ADIC technical Assistance Center (ATAC) with 24-hour, worldwide service and support

FIREWALL IMAGE The Scalar 1000’s integrated storage networking management services include device-level firewall access security.


Scalar 1000 Building Blocks

The Scalar 1000 Control module, which can also serve as a self-contained library, is configured with space for six to 12 drives, depending on configuration and drive type. When fewer drive bays are required, the modules provide more room for media.

Adding modules, drives, drive bays, and cartridge positions are simple field upgrades for maximum flexibility and investment protection. After upgrades, the library self-discovers changes and automatically re-configures system settings. You can add up to three Expansion modules.
Scalar 1000 AIT with robot

Scalar 1000 features one robotic mechanism for the entire library and integrates advanced SAN support.

Library Configurations and Capacity
Drive TechnologyControl Module*With 1 Expansion Module*With 2 Expansion Modules*With 3 Expansion Modules*
SDLT 32050.6TB117.8TB185.0TB252.2TB
SDLT 22034.8TB81.0TB127.2TB173.4TB
DLT 800012.6TB29.4TB46.2TB63.0TB

*Assumes 2:1 average compression for LTO and SDLT/DLT; 2.6:1 average compression for AIT; and 3:1 average compression for 3590.

Cartridge Change:350 peak swaps per hour
Drive Interface:LTO: SCSI-2 LVD; AIT: SCSI-2 LVD or HVD; SDLT or DLT: SCSI-2 LVD or HVD; integrated FC interface optional for all
Library Interface: SCSI-2 HVD Integrated FC interface optional
Indicators:Password-protected keypad with LCD menu display
Drive:Status LED and Eject Buttons
Library Interface:SCSI-2 Differential
SCSI Connections:68-pin micro-D
Configuration:Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed or added components (modules, drives, magazines, tapes, etc.)

Storage Networking Support
Platform/Connectivity:SNC 5100 (2 Gb Fibre Channel) or SNC 3000 (1 Gb Fibre Channel)
Management Services:End-to-end path verification, error recovery, drive performance optimization, SAN security (Scalar Firewall Manager), serverless backup (Data Mover Module)

Drive Hard Error Rate:Less than 1 in 1017 bits
Tape Shelf Life:30 years minimum (at 20°C, 40% RH)
Library MCBF:Greater than 1,000,000 cartridge changes
Drive MTBF:Greater than 200,000 power-on hours
MTTR:Less than 30 minutes
Diagnostics:Built-In-Test (BIT), store/recall past events, “fault isolation” assistance, self-initiating configuration and calibration routines; SNMP traps reported through RMU or Scalar DLC; email alert; SAN device health checks
Module Upgrades:Any storage module can be added in two hours; customer-installable drive upgrades

 Control ModuleExpansion Module
Dimensions:29.5"W x 47"D x 71"H(74.9cm x 119.4cm x 180.3cm)29.5"W x 47"D x 71"H(74.9cm x 119.4cm x 180.3cm)
Weight:1052 lbs (478kg)817 lbs (371kg)

Electrical:115/230 VAC, 1.6kVa
Altitude:10,000 feet
Temperature:16 to 35°C operating
Humidity:15 to 75% non-condensing operating

Compliance and Certification
Safety:UL-1950 ITE, CSA950, EN 60950
Emissions:A CISPR 22/EN 55022 Class A, EN 61000-3-2 & -3
Immunity:EN 55024
International:CE, FCC, ICES, BSMI, UL, cUL, TUV/GS

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