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Product Summary

DLT4000 or DLT7000 Drive
7 DLT Cartridges
Up to 490 GB Capacity
Up to 36 GB/Hour Transfer Rate

Product Description

The ADIC DLT Virtual Library System (VLS DLT) is a random access tape library featuring a removable seven-tape magazine. With up to 490 GB of capacity and up to 36 GB per hour throughput, the VLS DLT can automate the backup and restore process for Windows NT, UNIX and NetWare file servers. The removable magazine allows the easy rotation of complete seven-tape data sets and includes a cover for easy stacking and protection of media. VLS DLT is available as a desktop unit and can also be mounted in only 6u of rack space using the optional rackmount installation kit.

Features and Benefits
bullet 7-cartridge magazines provide snap-in loading and protected storage
bullet Fits on desktop or in 19-inch rack to integrate easily into data center environments
bullet DLT4000 or DLT7000 drive choice provides capacity and price flexibility
bullet Up to 490 GB of storage high capacity for today¹s rapid data growth
bullet DLT's low stress tape path provides long media and head life through extended operation
bullet Fast throughput of up to 36 GB/hour reduces the time needed for backup jobs
bullet Full application support integrates seamlessly into Windows NT, NetWare and UNIX operating systems with all leading backup and archive applications
bullet Three-year warranty for industry-leading investment protection

Drive & Performance
Drive Type: DLT4000 DLT7000
Data Capacity Native: 140 GB 245 GB
    with 2:1 Compression: 280 GB 490 GB
Transfer Rate Native: 90 MB/min. 300 MB/min.
    with 2:1 Compression: 180 MB/min. 600 MB/min.
SCSI Interface: SCSI-2, Fast SE SCSI-2, Fast/Wide SE or Differential
File Access Time (avg.): 68 sec 60 sec
Data Compression: On-board DCLZ with variable block size
Recording Format: Multiple Track, Linear Serpentine
Data Buffer: 2MB, cache buffer adjusts to host rates 4MB, cache buffer adjusts to host rates
Recording Format: Multiple Track, Linear Serpentine
Media: DLTtape IV DLTtape IV
Tape Length: 1800 ft. 1800 ft.
Recording Density (bits/in): 82,000 86,000
Tracks Per Tape: 128 208

Cartridge Change: 10 seconds maximun
Indicators: LCD menu display for configuration and diagnostic status, Power and Lock status LEDs
Controls: 8-button Keypad

Hard Error Rate: Less than 1 in 1017 bits read
Tape Shelf Life: 30 years minimum (at 20 °C, 40% RH)
Maintenance: Periodic drive head cleaning with DLT Cleaning Cartridge
MSBF: Greater than 100,000 cartridge changes
MTBF: Greater than 80,000 power on hours
MTTR: Less than 30 minutes
Error Correction Code: Reed-Solomon ECC; 64-bit CRC on each 4KB of data; 16-bit CRC on each record; Internal parity checking on cache buffer

Dimensions: 17.4"W x 20.45"D x 8" H
(43.2cm x 51.9cm x 20.3cm)
Rack Height 6u or 10.5" (26.7cm)
Weight: 35 lbs. (15.9kg)

Electrical: 100-240 VAC; 50-60Hz; 1-0.5A; Auto Voltage Select
Maximum Altitude: 30,000 ft (9144 m)
Operating Temperature: 10 to 40 °C Operating
Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% Non-Condensing
Noise Level: <45 dBA
Vibration: 0.25g (5-500Hz) Operating
0.50g (5-500Hz) Storage/Shipping

2g Operating
0g Storage/Shipping
Impact test per ISTA for storage/shipping

BTU/Hour: 225

Compliance & Certification
Safety: UL-1950/CSA950, EN 60950
Emissions: FCC #47, Part 15, Class B, EN 55022, Class B
Immunity: IEC (801-2, -3, -4)
International: CE

Software and Platforms
See the most recent ADIC Software Compatibility Guide for a complete list of software and platforms compatible with the VLS DLT series.

Part Numbers

Features VLS DLT400 VLS DLT700
ADIC Part Number: 99-5202 SE
99-5221 HVD
99-5213 SE
99-5222 HVD
Drive Type: DLT4000 DLT7000
Media Type: DLTtape IV DLTtape IV
Average Tape Capacity: 20/40 GB 35/70 GB
Number of Drives: 1 1
Total System Capacity: 140/280 GB 245/490 GB
Recommended System Size: 50-75 GB 75/125 GB
Maximum Transfer Rate: 90/180 MB per minute 300/600 MB per minute
Accessories Included: Magazine with 7 DLTtape IV
Cleaning cartridge
Power cord
SE 6' LD50/HD50 interface cable
or HVD 6' LD50/HD68 interface cable
SCSI terminator
Magazine with 7 DLTtape IV
Cleaning cartridge
6' HD68/HD68 interface cable
SCSI terminator
SE or HVD 6' HD68/HD68 Interface Cable
Accessories Required: SCSI controller
Backup software
Changer module
Accessory Options: 39-1049-11 DLTtape IV 7pk
39-1048-11 Cleaning Tape 7pk
93-6034-63 Rack Mount Kit
93-3048-01 Magazine, 7 slot

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