Now offing the most powerful libraries it their class! Answering the call for an easy to use storage solution for the desktop, workgroup and department, ATL Products features the PowerStor L200 and PowerStor L500. L500 L200
PowerStor L200
For cost-effective automated backup and restore of departments and workgroups, this flexible and easy-to-use 1 drive, 8 cartridge, 320 GB native/640 GB compressed capacity library system, delivers superior DLTtape™ reliability and performance. Ideal for protecting data in small to mid-size LANs, the PowerStor L200 also protects users' investments with a drive migration path to larger ATL DLTtape libraries.

PowerStor L500
For administrators of small-to-mid-sized UNIX and NT LANs, this 3 drive, 14 cartridge, 490GB library system is a cost effective, compact and easy-to-use solution for automated backup and restore. Plus, the PowerStor L500 fulfills the needs of demanding storage intensive applications with the reliability to ensure continuous access to your data by delivering the highest performance in its class.

Quantum DLTtape 4500/4700 Autoloaders
If you are a current customer with a Quantum 4500 or 4700 we thank you for choosing this powerful product. The Quantum 4500 and 4700 products are in the end-of-life process and no longer available.