M2500 Specifications


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The ATL M2500 provides modular scalability for companies that need a storage solution that can grow with their backup requirements. Considering its greatest density per rack, the ATL M2500 packs data capacities into 23.5 inches of rack space.

Developed with flexibility in mind (and based on the ATL M1500), the ATL M2500 can be sized to fit the needs of the workgroup, the remote site, or the enterprise datacenter. The scalability of the ATL M-Series (both ATL M1500 and ATL M2500) is unrivaled since the library does not have to be rebuilt, shipped back to the manufacturer, or taken off-line in order to add modules. The ATL M2500 will change the way you think of "big iron".


  • Base-library configurable from zero to six drives and 100 cartridge slots
  • Scalable via StackLink from one to 18 drives (up to 1.03TB/hour native performance) and up to 300 cartridge slots (48TB native capacity) all "seen" by the backup software package as a single library
  • Supports DLT8000, SDLT220, SDLT320 and LTOTM UltriumTM tape drives
  • Barcode reader standard
  • Data cartridges in removable magazines providing 100% bulk loading and unloading
  • Intuitive GUI control panel SCSI standard with a native fibre library optionOptional remote monitoring, management and SNMP agent (MC300 option)
  • Optional redundant power supplies
  • Intermixable scalability with the ATL M1500
  • Add, remove and replace modules in a StackLinked configuration while modules stay on-line (pass-thru independent of individual modules)
  • Driveless configuration available for "capacity-only" scalability
  • Available in stand-alone (non-rackmountable, desktop) configuration
  • Standard 5x9xNext Business Day warranty
  • Enterprise-class library at an entry-level price!


  SDLT 320 SDLT 220 DLT 8000 LTO-1
Capacity (TB *native) 13.6 9.2 3.4 10.O
Performance (GB/hr *native) 345 237 129 324

Host Interface  
DLT8000 SCSI-2 Fast/Wide LVD/HVD
SDLT220 & LTO Ultra2 SCSI LVD Optional Native Fibre Library
LTO Ultrium Ultra2 SCSI LVD Optional Native Fibre Library
MC300 Optional Prism Management ALERT notification, remote management, SNMP traps
Port 9-pin RS-232C, EIA/TIA female connector

Library Diagnostics


RS-232C service port
Port 9-pin RS-232C, EIA/TIA female connector (cable included)

Robotics Reliability and Performance  
MTBF 250,00 power-on hours
MSBF One million load/unload cycles (swaps)
MTTR Less than 20 minutes

Cabinet Characteristics  
Rack Space Required 13.8U
Height 23.6 inches (599mm)
Width 19 inches (486.6mm)
Depth 28.6 inches (726mm)
Weight 273 pounds (124kg *fully populated)

Environmental limits  
Humidity 20% to 80%, non-condensing
Temperature 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
Altitude Sea level to 8,000 feet (0 to 2.438 meters)

Non-operating (storage and shipping)
Humidity 10% to 95%, non-condensing
Temperature 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
Altitude Sea level to 36,000 feet (0 to 11,000 meters)

Power Requirements  
Input voltage 88-264VAC
Frequency 47-63Hz
Consumption 320W average
Heat Dissipation 1092 BTU/hr
Power Cord US NEMA 5-15 P MALE

Agency Approvals  
Safety CSA C22.2 950, UL 1950, EN 60950
EMI/RFI FCC CFR 47-15J (level A), EN55022 (CISPR 22) level A, EN55024 (CISPR 24), VCCI
Agency Markings CE, VCCI, UL, FCC, CSA

1. Please refer to the Prism Storage Architecture (or the data sheet in pdf format) for the Fibre Channel and Management Card specifications.