Share Valuable Library Resources Among Multiple Backup Servers

Is your network too slow to back up multiple backup servers concurrently? Are dedicated libraries for each backup server too expensive? ATL Products, Inc. has the solution: the new PL50 Library Hub. This external library controller offers a cost-effective means for connecting three backup servers to a single ATL automated DLTtape™ library.

The PL50 Library Hub features a CPU equipped with four SCSI ports, a monitor and ATLís advanced Library Hub software.

Three of the PL50ís four SCSI ports are interfaces to backup servers. The fourth port is for connection to the ATL robotics. The PL50 presents a virtual library to each backup server by allowing a user to assign specific cartridge slots and drive partitions.

The PL50 is designed to dramatically improve the performance of your backup if it is being done across a network. With a PL50, dedicated 20MB/s SCSI connections between library drives and backup servers are capable of data throughput 16-times greater than 10Mb Ethernet.

Because the PL50 appears to back up servers as an ATL library, it is CPU and operating system independent, In addition the PL50 is transparent to data management packages supporting ATL libraries.

The PL50 can also be a fail-over device in multi-library installations when a library is being serviced or is offline. By connecting the backup server hosting an offline library to a PL50 port, the backup server can perform backup and restore operations by using a partition of another library.

The PL50 includes a user-friendly administrative console featuring an intuitive graphical user interface for simple point-and-click operation.

PL50 Library Hub
Features & Benefits

  • Allows you to share your valuable library resources
  • Supports up to 3 heterogeneous backup servers
  • Supports DLTtape libraries form ATL
  • CPU and operating system independent
  • Transparent to data management software from CA, IBM, Seagate, Legato, Veritas, IntelliGuard and others
  • User friendly graphical user interface
  • Turn-key system includes server, monitor and software

PL50 Screen Shot