ValueLoader Specifications


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In comparison to stand-alone tape drives, the ATL ValueLoader™ offers increased capacity and random access to several cartridges without human intervention – the number one cause of data loss. The ValueLoader is an unparalleled value for DLTtape™ automation and provides all of these benefits at a price comparable to some stand-alone tape drives.

  • Up to 1.6TB compressed capacity
  • Up to 30MB per second compressed performance
  • Reliable — Tape drive and automation are truly integrated to minimize the number of parts and increase reliability
  • Ease of use — Automated cartridge management simplifies user intervention for the import and export of data cartridges
  • Eight cartridges rotate in a carousel around the center-mounted tape drive and insert into the drive individually
  • Rack optimized for slim spaces — Provides best-of-breed data density when implemented in rack-optimized installations
  • Tabletop ready for desktop configurations
  • Total Value Delivery — Reduces IT overhead at a price that is comparable to some stand-alone tape drives


Featured drive DLT VS80 LTO-1
Sustained transfer rate (MB/sec)    
Native 3 15
Compressed1 6 30
Burst transfer rate (MB/sec)    
SCSI bus (max) 20  
Formatted capacity (GB)
Native 320 800
Compressed1 640 1600
Interfaces available

Wide Ultra SCSI-2
Low Voltage Differential (LVD)

MCBF 2,500,000 cycles
MTBF 100,000 hours


Form factor

Weight* 33 lbs (14.96 kg)


16.5 inches (419 mm)


24.0 inches (609 mm)
Height 3.34 inches (84 mm)

Environmental limits  


Ambient temperature

50° to 104° F / 10° to 40° C

Non-condensing relative humidity

20% to 80%



Ambient temperature

-40° to 140° F / -40° to 60° C

Non-condensing relative humidity

20% to 80%

Drive DLT Tape IV LTO-1
Cartridge capacity 8 8

On-board remote management tools
10baseT Ethernet Connection, Accessible via standard web browser

Available operations:
  • Review System Status
  • Drive Operations
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote Management
  • Browse System Logs
  • Check Inventory
  • Configuration
  • Firmware Upgrades

*Weight depends on configuration.

1. With 2:1 data compression that may vary based on data type and other variables