Exabyte 210
Automated 8mm Tape Library


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Exabyte 210 Automated 8mm Library - (210.gif - 24.2 K)
Typical installations: Scales from small departmental workgroups to midrange file and application servers.

Supported applications: Network backup/restore, remote storage, automated archiving, imaging and Hierarchical Storage Management.

The 210 accommodates Exabyte Mammoth, EliantTM 820 tape drives and 10 EXATAPE data cartridges in a removable data cartridge magazine. All Exabyte libraries feature the industry's most advanced and durable robotics system as well as a user-friendly interface and modular design.

Exabyte libraries are fifth-generation products that consistently demonstrate the highest levels of reliability and software compatibility. Their use can cut data management cost and time by 50 percent. Recognized as the world leader in data storage automation, Exabyte has shipped more tape libraries than any other company. The installed base of Exabyte tape drives and libraries today exceeds 1.5 million units.

  210 Automated 8mm Tape Library
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) 400 GB capacity*
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) Data throughput of up to 43.2 GB per hour
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) > 1,250,000 MCBF
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) Compatible with over 60 industry-leading software applications
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) 200 GB of storage per cubic foot
Field upgradable Protects the customer investment
Multi-drive capability Allows faster transfer of data and provides fault tolerance
Rack and tower configurations Provides installation flexibility
Optional bar code support Reduces media inventory time and improves file management
Front access Direct access to drives and media, improving serviceability
Key lock with electronic override Provides data security and insures safe operation
LCD display Menu-driven interface provides easy operation and supplies user with instant library status
Additional cleaning slot Provides for 11th data cartridge or for use as dedicated cleaning slot

Exabyte 210 8mm Automated Library - (210lg.gif - 24.7 K) Exabyte's comprehensive, award-winning support services are available internationally. Resources include technical support, reseller support, fax-on-demand, technical training, e-mail, and service and repair.
Exabyte tape drives and tape libraries are available as consumer-ready kitted products or as integration components. Contact an Exabyte Contact us for further information. Exabyte 210 8mm Automated Library Rack - (210rack.gif - 9.7 K)


With Mammoth:
    400 GB, compressed
    200 GB, uncompressed
With Eliant 820:
    140 GB, compressed
    70 GB, uncompressed

Data Transfer Rate, Aggregate
With one Mammoth drive:
    6 MB per second, compressed
    3 MB per second, uncompressed
With two Eliant 820 drives:
    4 MB per second, compressed
    2 MB per second, uncompressed

Cartridge Access Time
    < 10 seconds

SCSI-2 Fast
Narrow/single-ended or differential

    >1,250,000 mean cycles between failures
Drive MTBF:
    Mammoth: 250,000 hours
    Eliant 820: 200,000 hours

Recording Method
8mm helical scan
   Mammoth and 8mm

Operating temperature:
    5 C to 35 C (41 F to 95 F)
Nonoperating temperature:
    - 40 C to 60 C (-40 F to 140 F)
Relative humidity, noncondensing, operating:
    20% to 80%

100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ
Auto-switching power supply
60 watts

Dimensions (HxWxD)
    22 in. x 9.5 in. x 21.4 in.
    55.9 cm x 24 cm x 53.7 cm
Rack mount:
    8.7 in. x 19 in. x 21.1 in.
    22 cm x 48.3 cm x 53.7 cm
Standalone: shipping package
    17 in. x 30.8 in. x 30 in.
    43.2 cm x 78.1 cm x 76.2 cm
Rack mount: shipping package
    16 in. x 26.5 in. x 30.3 in.
    40.6 cm x 67.3 cm x 76.8 cm

Weights cited include two tape drives and data cartridge magazine.
    82 lbs./37.2 kg
Rack mount:
    63.4 lbs./28.8 kg
Shipping weight:
        114.6 lbs./52 kg
    Rack mount:
        90.1 lbs./40.9 kg

Agency Certifications

Customer-ready Configuration
The 210 library includes one or two Mammoth or Eliant 820 tape drives. Also included are robotics and enclosure as well as the following items:
Power cord
SCSI cable
SCSI terminators
Exabyte cleaning cartridge
10 EXATAPE 8mm Data Cartridges
Owner's Manual

* "Compressed" specifications assume a 2:1 compression ratio.
Compression capacity and throughput will vary dependent upon type of data and system configuration.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.