Exabyte EZ17™

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EZ17(tm) Autoloader

Typical application: Small departmental workgroups.

Supported applications: Network backup/restore, remote storage and automated archiving.

The Exabyte EZ17 brings convenient, cost-effective automation technology to backup. Compact and affordable, the EZ17 expands Exabyte's line of high-capacity, high-performance automation products. The EZ17 accommodates one Exabyte Mammoth-2, Mammoth or Mammoth-LT tape drive, the most reliable drive in its class, and seven Exabyte™ AME data cartridges in a removable data cartridge magazine. Also available in low voltage differential (LVD) SCSI models for superior signal integrity and increased cable distances across the SCSI bus.

World-renowned Exabyte robotics automate backup procedures, eliminate operator error and dramatically cut data management costs. The EZ17 is easy to operate and compatible with all major software applications. The user-friendly LCD screen guides users through status, diagnostics and help functions. The EZ17 occupies very little space on a desktop or on top of a server. For optimal performance and convenience, two autoloaders can be mounted side by side in a standard 19" rack.

  EZ17™ Autoloader
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) Available with Mammoth-2, Mammoth or Mammoth-LT
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) Up to 1.05 TB capacity*
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) Data throughput of up to 108 GB per hour*
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) Easy to use
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) >500,000 MCBF
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) Affordable alternative to standalone tape drives
Bullet - (2.gif - 0.1 K) Compact size: <1 cubic foot
  *"Compressed" specifications assume a 2.5:1 compression ratio. Compression capacity and throughput will vary depending on type of data.


Desktop and rack configurations Provide installation flexibility
Front access Direct access to drive and media, improving serviceability
Keyless security Provides data security and ensures safe operation
LCD display Menu-driven interface provides easy operation and supplies user with instant autoloader status
Removable 7-cartridge magazine Facilitates off-line storage

EZ17 We stand behind our products with award-winning support and service. Exabyte’s SupportSuiteSM provides a range of services that helps you grow with Exabyte’s continuing line of reliable, high-performance tape storage products.

Spanning the entire product life cycle, our services offer assistance at every turn, from migration and deployment to ongoing maintenance and support.

Exabyte products are available as consumer-ready kitted products or as integration components. Contact us for further information.


   Up to 1.05 TB, compressed*
   Up to 420 GB, native

   Up to 280 GB, compressed*
   Up to 140 GB, native

   Up to 196 GB, compressed*
   Up to 98 GB, native

Data Transfer Rate
   30 MB per second, compressed*
   12 MB per second, native

   6 MB per second, compressed*
   3 MB per second, native

   4 MB per second, compressed*
   2 MB per second, native

Cartridge Access Time
   < 10 seconds

   SCSI-2 Ultra Wide LVD

   SCSI-2 Fast
   Wide/LVD or HVD
(LVD - Single-ended compatible)

   SCSI-2 Fast
(LVD - Single-ended compatible)

Robotics:   500,000 mean cycles
   between failures
Drive MTBF:  250,000 hours

Recording Method
   capstanless helical scan

Operating temperature:
   5° C to 35° C
   (41° F to 95° F )
Nonoperating temperature:
   -10° C to 60° C
   (14° F to 140° F )

Relative humidity, noncondensing,

   20% to 80%

   100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ
Auto-switching power supply
   20 watts minimum
   37 watts maximum

Dimensions (HxWxD)
   8.4 in. x 8.3 in. x 18.3 in.
   21.3 cm x 21.1 cm x 46.2 cm
Shipping package:
   30.38 in. x 14.38 in. x 14.75 inc.
   (77.2 cm x 36.5 cm x 37.5 cm)

   21.5 lbs (9.8 kg)
   Shipping weight: 31.0 lbs.

   Exabyte™ 225m AME
   with SmartClean™

   Exabyte™ 170m. 125m, 45m AME media,
   Mammoth Cleaning Cartridge

   Exabyte™ 125m, 45m AME media,
   Mammoth Cleaning Cartridge

*Media is also available in Exapack™
data cartridge magazines preloaded with appropriate Exabyte media.

Agency Certifications

   advance exchange warranty

Customer-ready Configuration
The EZ17 Autoloader includes one Mammoth-2, Mammoth or Mammoth-LT drive, robotics, and enclosure, as well as the following items:

  • Power cord
  • SCSI cable
  • SCSI terminator
  • Exabyte AME data cartridge
  • Data cartridge magazine
  • Installation and Operation manual
All specifications are subject to change without notice.