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Mammoth/Mammoth 2 libraries


Exabyte X200

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Exabyte X200 MammothTape Technology Library

The Exabyte X200 provides large application servers and storage networks with the most scalable storage in the Exabyte family of libraries. Exabyte's highest capacity, highest performance MammothTape automated library, the X200 can store up to 30 TB of data, with throughput of up to 1.08 TB per hour. Three year warranty, worldwide support.


Exabyte X80

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Exabyte X80 MammothTape Technology Library

The powerful yet affordable Exabyte X80 enables growing companies to invest in a scalable Mammoth-2 library. Distinctive Library Monitor software manages the library without interrupting normal operations. The X80 delivers data throughput of up to 864 GB per hour. with a total capacity of up to 12 TB. Three year warranty, worldwide support.


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Exabyte 440/480 MammothTape Library

With throughput rated at 24 megabytes per second (86.4 gigabytes per hour)*, Exabyte's 440 and 480 tape libraries store up to 3.2 terabytes* of data. Back up 345 gigabytes in just four hours. Libraries include Exabyte robotics, security interlock, modular design, multi-lingual LCD screen and bar code reader. Worldwide support and three-year warranty, first year on-site.


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Exabyte 220 MammothTape Library

The Exabyte 220 tape library with M2 tape drives provides unbeatable reliability, capacity and performance for today's high growth data processing environments. Suitable for larger departmental applications, the Exabyte 220 offers data storage capacity of up to 3 TB with data throughput of up to 216 GB per hour. Three year warranty, worldwide support.


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Exabyte 210 MammothTape Library

The Exabyte 210 features 400-gigabyte capacity* and throughput of 21.6 gigabytes per hour*. Available with one or two Exabyte half-high drives (Mammoth, 8505XL or Eliant 820), the 210 accommodates ten EXATAPE™ data cartridges. Average cartridge access: <10 seconds. Supports network backup/restore, and automatic archiving. Three-year, extendible warranty. Worldwide phone, fax support.


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Exabyte EZ17 MammothTape Autoloader

The compact, affordable Exabyte EZ17 autoloader is the ideal first step into automated data storage. With Exabyte's M2 tape drive, this high-speed autoloader offers a data capacity of up to 1 TB at speeds up to 108 GB per hour. The EZ17 occupies less than one cubic foot of space. Three year warranty, worldwide support.

* "Compressed" specifications assume a 2:1 compression ratio.
Compression capacity and throughput will vary dependent upon type of data.