Spectra 10000 Bullfrog - Automated Tape Library

Designed for AIT Technology

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Product Overview:

Based on the Sony AIT family of 8mm tape units, which offer up to 260GB at 31.2MB/sec per drive, the Spectra 10000 series offers over up to 10.4 Terabytes of storage in a compact table-top or rack mountable unit.

With scalability of up to four drives and forty cartridges, the BullFrog family of tape library solutions deliver tremendous capacity (more than 10 terabytes with AIT-3 drives) in a compact, easy-to-use device. Additional features like an optional Fibre Channel interface and split-mode operation -- which allows a single tape libary to function as two separate libraries -- makes the BullFrog a powerful and flexible option for data centers of all sizes.

The Spectra 10000 library delivers exceptional capacity and throughput - ideal for fast, frequent backups of large networks, servers, VLDBs, and data warehouses.
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Spectra 10000 Library Features

Bullfrog® architecture

The Spectra 10000 uses BullFrog architecture developed by Spectra Logic. This architecture allows the library to be configured with 20 or 40 cartridges and up to four tape drives. It supports SCSI-2 (Single-ended, HVD and LVD) and Fibre Channel interfaces, making the Spectra 10000 a reliable and adaptable tape storage library for your growing data center.

Scalability and Sharability

The library can be upgraded in the field by adding drives or slots to meet future growth requirements. Users can split a single Spectra 10000 library into two “logical” libraries, a feature that allows sharing of storage resources between different servers, operating systems and even software applications.

Graphical User Interface

The Spectra 10000 library features an award-win-ning LCD touchscreen graphical user interface that provides access to status information, configuration parameters and diagnostics.
Spectra Logic provides data protection for customers worldwide with library products ranging in capacity from hundreds of gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes.

Capacity AIT-2 AIT-3 AIT-4*
Native Compressed
Native Compressed
Native Compressed
1.0 TB      2.6 TB
2.0 TB        5.2 TB
4.0 TB      10.4 TB
2.0 TB      5.2 TB
4.0 TB       10.4 TB
8 TB         20.8 TB


SCSI (dual buses) - Single-ended, HVD and LVD (Single-ended requires the use of a 90 ohm, 3 foot SCSI cable for proper operation).

Fibre Channel - copper, single-mode optical, multi-mode optical with support for private loop, public loop and fabric topologies.

Software Compatibility

Spectra Logic's Spectra 10000 tape library is supported by the industry's leading software packages on a wide variety of platforms.


Robotics:                       1,500,000 MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure)


Unit Dimensions:           7" H x 17" W x 28" D

Weight:                           62 pounds (fully loaded)

Power Requirements:

InputVoltage:                  110/220VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:    157 W maximum (1.5A @ 110 VAC, 0.75AC @ 220)

*Note: Availability in second half of 2003.