Spectra Gator Family - Automated Tape Librairies

Designed for AIT Technology
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Gator family - automated tape libraries

Gator® Architecture Overview

The Gator architecture meets the needs of midrange to high-end data centers.
If your goal is to centralize backup and restore operations across a heterogeneous enterprise, nothing compares to the Spectra 20000 and the Spectra 64000 tape libraries for performance, connectivity, reliability, storage and return on investment.

Gator® Architecture Highlights

Gator family - automated tape libraries

Networked Storage Flexibility:
- TAOS (Tape Appliance Operating System) delivers the open, standards-based storage networking protocols required to move data efficiently and reliably across a fiber channel or IP based SAN.
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Industry's Highest Storage Density
- Over 166 TB * (64 TB native) in a standard NEMA 19-inch rack mount enclosure, helps minimize the cost of backup when data center space is at a premium. [More ...]

Easy Capacity management with Capacity On Demand
- Using CoD®, you can instantly add capacity to your library in increments of 15 slots. Slots are activated by simply entering a software key. [More ...]

Gator family - automated tape libraries

User-Installable Performance and Capacity Upgrades
- Most upgrades can be installed without requiring library downtime.
Features can be added using a simple key activation. [More ...]

Multiple Connectivity Options
- Gator architecture allows you to select from multiple interface technologies, giving you flexibility and control as your enterprise infrastructure changes.[More ...]

Shared Library Services™
- (SLS) library partitioning makes it easy for customers to utilize new and legacy operating systems, backup software and tape drives in one tape library simultaneously. Since the library can be partitioned into up to 120 libraries, you can share backup operations with more than one department, application and office location. By creating logical libraries you can provide support for heterogeneous platforms, software applications, tape drives, media, and interface technologies, all in the same physical library [More ...]

Best of Class Manageability
- Both Spectra 20000 and Spectra 64000 libraries include a color touchscreen interface for simple and intuitive configurations. The Remote Library Controller allows you to perform configuration and management of your library from anywhere in the world. Management options such as SNMP, modem, and Ethernet are also standard on both models. [More ...]

High Availability
- Service and upgrades can be completed without moving the library out of its environment, and in most cases, without requiring library downtime or resets.[More ...]

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Gator Family Models

Spectra 20000
Gator family - automated tape libraries

  • Over 104 TB* in only 14 U of rackmount
  • Up to 8 tape drives
  • 30 to 200 cartridges
  • Transfer rates up to 1797 GB per hour

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  • Spectra 64000
    Gator family - automated tape libraries

  • Over 333 TB* in only 40 U of rackmount
  • Up to 32 tape drives
  • 100 to 645 cartridges
  • Transfer rates up to 7188 GB per hour

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  • * Compression rates are shown using a ratio of 2.6:1 (with ALDC compression algorithm). Actual compression ratios are data dependent.