T120 - Automated Tape Library

Affordable Storage Without Compromise

Designed for LTO/Super-AIT Technology

T120 automated tape library

Product Overview:

The T120 library gives you an unmatched selection of features, along with enterprise-class reliability and management, all in an affordable mid-range library. Why should you have to sacrifice sophistication or performance simply because your site requires a smaller library? You still have too much to do, too many tapes to manage, too much data to back up, too little time, and too little staff. The T120 library helps you get the most done, automatically, affordably and easily.

T120 Library Features

  • Most data in the least space — highest density in the industry at 48 TB LTO-2 in 14 U,single frame
  • Easy to use — a color touch screen with intuitive graphics
  • Connectivity — for each partition,choose whether to cable using a Fibre Channel or Gigabit Ethernet controller,or using direct-attach Fibre Channel or SCSI
  • Easy to maintain — the library tells you when it ’s time for library maintenance
  • Easy to keep it up and running — with easy-to-swap modules,you can change out components without affecting backups
  • Sized to fit your data center — rack-mount or tabletop
  • Easy to secure — password-protected users, and multiple levels of security,so only the right user can use the right features
  • Grows with your data — expanding to over 500 slots and 4 frames,the T 120 can keep up with expanding data. This protects your investment.
  • Adapts to your data center as your data grows — from the wide palette of options,add features,drives, controllers and more,many software-key enabled.
  • Easy to learn
  • Certified media
  • Reduces overhead in managing media — handle media in TeraPack cases,not one by one
  • Eases media handling — use the bar codes on the TeraPack cases and cartridges to track data even outside the library
  • Capacity on Demand

T120 Characteristics & Advantages

The following advantages of the T120 library will not only extend the life of your library, but also offer several data management capabilities for smooth backup operations.

Extreme Scalability
CoDTM,a capacity on demand feature, allows you to easily scale up storage capacity in one library on an as-needed basis. With CoD, you can efficiently manage your data growth while eliminating long-range forecasting and expensive retrofits.

Networking Flexibility
Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel interfaces support NDMP, Serverless Backup and iSCSI applications.

Data Consolidation
Shared Library ServicesTM (SLS) library partitioning makes it easy for customers to utilize new and legacy operating systems, backup software and tape drives in one tape library simultaneously. Since the library can be partitioned into up to 120 libraries, you can share backup operations with more than one department, application and office location. By creating logical libraries you can provide support for heterogeneous platforms, software applications, tape drives, media, and interface technologies, all in the same physical library

Remote Management
The Library Controller’s color touch screen makes it easy to manage daily backup operations on site. The Web-based Remote Library Controller option makes it easy for you to manage your library from anywhere in the world.









LTO-2 Native/Compressed

SAIT-1 Native/Compressed


LTO-2 Native/Compressed

SAIT-1 Native/Compressed

1 2 252/504 GB 216/562 GB 30 6/12 TB 15/39 TB
1 6 756/1512 GB 648/1684 GB GB 120 24/48 TB 60/156 TB
2 10 1260/2520 GB 1080/2808 GB 248 49.6/99.2 TB 124/322.4 TB
3 14 1764/3528 GB 1512/3931.2 GB 376 75.2/150.4 TB 188/488.8 TB
4 18 2268/4536 GB 1944/5054.4 GB 504 100.8/201.6 TB 252/655.2 TB
Single LTO-2 tape capacity is 200 GB native/400 GB compressed and drive throughput is 35 MB/second native and 70 MB/second compressed
Single SAIT-1 tape capacity is 500 GB native/1.3 TB compressed and drive throughput is 30 MB/second native and 78 MB/second compressed


One Frame

Two Frames

Three Frames

Four Frames

Height 14U 28U 42U 56U
Maximum storage cartridges 120 248 376 504
EE cartridges (minimum) 8 8 8 8
Maximum full height drives 6 10 14 18
Maximum half height drives 10 88 26 34
Weight (loaded approximate) 262 lb/119 kg 500 lb/226 kg 1 lb/750 kg 1000 lb/454 kg
Power Consumption 9.4 Amps @120 VAC Max configuration 50/60 Hz


  • Direct-Attach
    Fibre Channel LVD SCSI
  • Quad Interface Processor
    Fibre Channel - Serverless backup, Static WNN, Redundant ports, Port consolidation
    Gigabit Ethernet/iSCSI - NDMP, Redundant ports, Port consolidation

Reliability Stats

  • Mean Cycles Between Failures (MCBF) - over 1 million MCBF
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) - 250,000 power-on hours
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) - 3 minutes for hot swap components,30 minutes average for non-hot swap components