T950 - Automated Tape Library

Lowering your data protection TCO

Designed for Super-DLT/LTO/AIT/Super-AIT Technology

T950 automated tape library

Product Overview

The T950 library with Python architecture represents a revolutionary and dramatically superior approach to convenient backup, archival and HSM operations. Sometimes the simplest ideas yield multiple benefits. The TeraPack™ delivers the industry’s highest storage density, which is 200 percent greater than competing half-inch libraries. TeraPack also delivers significant improvements in media handling costs, operator and administrator efficiency, reliability, media management, platform longevity and performance. These features lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by previously unmatched proportions.

T950 Tape Library Features

  • 100 to 6150 cartridges
  • Up to 120 full height drives
  • LTO, SAIT and SDLT or AIT-4
  • LVD SCSI, 2 GB Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet
  • NDMP, Serverless Backup, iSCSI
  • Includes 1 year of on-site support

T950 Characteristics & Advantages

The following advantages of the T950 library will not only extend the life of your library, but also offer several data management capabilities for smooth backup operations.

Extreme Scalability
CoDTM,a capacity on demand feature, allows you to easily scale up storage capacity in one library on an as-needed basis. With CoD, you can efficiently manage your data growth while eliminating long-range forecasting and expensive retrofits.

Networking Flexibility
Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel interfaces support NDMP, Serverless Backup and iSCSI applications.

QIPs (Quad Interface Processors)
Usually, you have to deal with added costs, points of failure and frustration dealing with yet another storage vendor in order to take advantage of Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and SCSI connectivity in a library.

QIP technology makes it easy for you to have affordable connectivity within your libraries and receive flexible interface and networking options. QIPs are available on enterprise libraries – 20K, 64K, T950, and T120.

Data Consolidation
Shared Library ServicesTM (SLS) library partitioning makes it easy for customers to utilize new and legacy operating systems, backup software and tape drives in one tape library simultaneously. Since the library can be partitioned into up to 120 libraries, you can share backup operations with more than one department, application and office location. By creating logical libraries you can provide support for heterogeneous platforms, software applications, tape drives, media, and interface technologies, all in the same physical library

Remote Management
The Library Controller’s color touch screen makes it easy to manage daily backup operations on site. The Web-based Remote Library Controller option makes it easy for you to manage your library from anywhere in the world.



One Frame(T950)

Five Frames(T950-5)

Max Throughput



Terapacks / Cartridges / Capacity(TB)*

Terapacks / Cartridges / Capacity(TB)*



(Single LTO-2 drive Capacity is 200GB native/400GB compressed and throughput is 35MB second native /70MB/second compressed)

95 /950 /190TB-380TB
83 /830 /166TB-332TB
- - -

615 /6,150 /1.230TB-2,460TB
603 /6,030 /1,206TB-2,412TB
439 /4,390 /878TB-1,756TB


12 Drives
24 Drives
120 Drives

SDLT 600 (Quantum)
(Single SDLT drive capacity is 300GB native/ 600GB compressed and throughput is 35MB/second native /70MB/second compressed)

95 /855 /257TB-513TB
83 /747 /224TB-448TB
- - -

615 /5,535 /1,661TB-3,321TB
603 /5,427 /1,628TB-3,256TB
439 /3,951 /1,195TB-2,370TB


12 Drives
24 Drives
120 Drives

SAIT-1 (Sony)
(Single SAIT-1 drive capacity is 500GB native/1.3TB compressed and throughput is 30MB/second native /78MB/second compressed) compressed)

95 /950 /475TB-1,235TB
83 /830 /415TB-1,079TB
- - -

615 /6,150 /3,075TB-7,995TB
603 /6,030 /3,015TB-7,839TB
439 /4,390 /2,195TB-5,707TB


12 Drives
24 Drives
120 Drives

AIT-4 (Sony)
(Single AIT-4 drive capacity is 200GB native/520GB compressed and throughput is 30MB/second native /78MB/second compressed)

95 95/1,140 /228TB-593TB
83/996 /199TB-518TB
- - -

615 /7,380 /1,476TB-3,838TB
603 /7,236 /1,447TB-3,763TB
439 /5,268 /1054TB-2,740TB


24 Drives
48 Drives
240 Drives

RXT (Portable Disc Pack)
(Single Terapack of disks is 960GB and the controller is 80MB/sec)

95 / - /91.2
83 / - /79.68
- - -

615 / - /590.4
603 / - /578.88
439 / - /421.44


12 Drives
24 Drives
120 Drives

Note that the AIT half-height form factor allows twice as many drives.


  • Fibre-Channel, 2 Gb/sec, dual port, Serverless Backup, 4 GB/sec Q4 2004
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 1 Gb/sec,dual port, iSCSI and NDMP, TCP/IP Offload

Single frame library configurations:

  • 100 to 950 cartridges
  • 2 to 24 drives
  • LTO,SAIT and SDLT or AIT-4
  • Remote management
  • Compatibility with major operating systems
  • ISV certification
  • Hot swappable components
  • 2 Gb Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Physical Characteristics:
    H 200.1 cm,W 77.8 cm,D 109.8 cm
    H 78.77 in,W 30.63 in,D 43.21 in


  • Base Frame (no drives or media)-800 lbs
  • Drive Expansion Frame (no drives or media)-750 lbs
  • Media Expansion Frame (no media)-700 lbs
  • Drive/Sled -12 lbs
  • TeraPack (with media)-6 lbs

Power Requirements:

  • Input Power: 8.2-6.8 Amps (RMS)at 200-240 VAC,50/60 Hz (max config)

Reliability Stats:

  • Mean Cycles Between Failures (MCBF) - 2,000,000
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) - 250,000 power-on Hrs.
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) - minutes for hot swap components,30 minutes average for non-hot swap components