Spectra 2000 Treefrog - Automated Tape Library

Designed for AIT Technology

Treefrog automated tape library Treefrog automated tape library

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Product Overview:

Based on the Sony AIT family of 8mm tape units, which offer up to 260GB at 31.2 MB/sec per drive, the AIT TreeFrog series offers up to 3.9 Terabytes of storage in a compact table-top or rack mountable unit.

Starting with 15 tape slots and 1 AIT-3 260GB drive, the units are field expandable up to 30 tape slots and 2 AIT-3 drives for a total capacity of nearly 8 TeraBytes.

The most exciting feature of these libraries is the Virtual Control Panel. The Virtual Control Panel allows administrators to issue robotic and drive diagnostics, move tapes, upgrade a library’s firmware, or even view Application Notes on the Spectra Logic Support Web Site.

Accessible via an internet-browser interface, the Virtual Control Panel provides remote administration of the TreeFrog library from any location.

Spectra 2000 Library Features

Treefrog® architecture

The Spectra 2000 tape library uses TreeFrog architecture for robotic tape libraries developed by Spectra Logic. TreeFrog architecture supports SCSI-2 (Single-ended, HVD and LVD), Fibre Channel, 100 BaseT and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
The cornerstones of the TreeFrog architecture are the integrated picker and the uni-body robotic chassis.


The Spectra 2000 library can be configured with 15 or 30 cartridges and one or two AIT drives.
To further protect your initial investment, the Spectra 2000 library supports multiple generations of AIT technology, up to AIT-4*, which will provide 520 GB per cartridge at 62.4 MB per second.

Virtual Control Panel

Spectra Logic’s Virtual Control Panel uses Java and HTML technologies to provide status, diagnostics and remote device management capabilities.
Accessible via an Internet browser interface, the Virtual Control Panel allows administrators to initiate robotic and drive diagnostics, move tapes, upgrade a library’s firmware or even view Application Notes from Spectra Logic’s support website.

Capacity AIT-1 AIT-2 AIT-3 AIT-4*
Native Compressed
Native Compressed
Native Compressed
Native Compressed
.525TB     1.365 TB   
.75 TB      1.95 TB
1.5 TB       3.9 TB
3.0 TB       7.8 TB
N/A              N/A
1.5 TB      3.70 TB
3.0 TB       7.8 TB
6.0 TB     15.6 TB


SCSI - Single-ended, HVD and LVD (Single-ended requires the use of a 90 ohm, 3 foot SCSI cable for proper operation).

Fibre Channel - copper, single-mode optical 2 ,multi-mode optical 2 with support for private loop, public loop and fabric topologies.

Software Compatibility

Spectra Logic's Spectra 2000 tape library is supported by the industry's leading software packages on a wide variety of platforms.


Robotics:              1,000,000 MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure)


Unit Dimensions:          8.6" H x 16.9" W x 16.5" D

Weight:                         31.4 pounds (fully loaded)

Power Requirements:

InputVoltage:                 110/220VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:    100W maximum (SCSI)
                                        120W maximum (Fibre)

*Note: Availability in second half of 2003.