The TimberWolf 7430 tape library

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7430 Datasheet (pdf, 64K)

7430 NT Datasheet (pdf, 264K)

The StorageTek 7430 Tape Library delivers an affordable entry-level desktop or rack-mountable DLT library to small Windows NT/UNIX departments.

The Product
  • User-friendly. Simple, straightforward design allows quick implementation of an automated system.
  • Eliminates manual backups. Automates entire backup process, providing greater assurance that data is available for restore and reducing backup windows.
  • Expandable storage. Has a 10 or 20 cartridge capacity with support for up to three DLT 4000 drives. Storage capacity is 200 to 400 GB (uncompressed).
  • Reduces costs. Full automation frees up personnel, consolidates storage resources and reduces management and operational costs.

The 7430 is a compact, low-cost data storage solution ideally suited for the first-time automation customer. Easy-to-use drives come pre-installed for true plug-and-play strategy. This scalable solution expands to match business growth. For optimum investment protection, the 7430 is upgradable to the StorageTek 9730 Tape Library, with 30-cartridge capacity and DLT 7000 drive compatibility. If manual tape operations aren't providing the reliable, consistent data storage to support small and growing workgroup requirements, the StorageTek 7430 Tape Library can help.