The TimberWolf 9710 tape library

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Product Brief


The StorageTek TimberWolf 9710 Tape Library provides backup/restore, HSM, data warehousing, imaging and scientific applications on UNIX midrange systems and NT super servers.

9710 Tape Library
  • Mixed-media design. Compatible with either DLT 4000, DLT 7000 or 9840 tape drives.
  • Modular growth. Expansion capabilities allow for integration of up to 10 DLT drives in any combination to match specific requirements.
  • Separate control and data paths. This enables attachment to multiplatform computing systems including Sun, HP, AS/400 and RS/6000 or other UNIX and Windows NT operating environments.

The TimberWolf 9710 is the flexible, centralized data storage strategy of choice for demanding multiplatform environments. It delivers advanced levels of performance and data storage capacity while ensuring superior data integrity, security and availability. Employs advanced rotational robotics and a camera-based vision system for speed and efficiency, allowing up to 180 exchanges/hour. This small-footprint system offers up to 20.58 TB of data storage (uncompressed).