The TimberWolf 9730 Tape Library

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9730 Data Sheet (pdf, 141K)

9730 NT Data Sheet (pdf, 158K)


The StorageTek 9730 Tape Library is a SCSI-based, compact, desktop or rack-mountable DLT library for Windows NT and Unix departments and workgroups.

The Product
  • Continuous data availability. Constantly monitors drive status for automatic error detection and recovery. Spontaneously resumes normal operations after a power failure.
  • Flexible and scalable. Configure with one or two DLT drives and 18 cells, up to three or four DLT drives and up to 30 cells.
  • Easy integration. The library integrates with UNIX, Windows NT and Novell NetWare.
  • Compact size and unattended operation. Store up to 2.1 TB (compressed) of information in a workstation-size unit.

The 9730 creates an innovative new class of entry-level library to meet the backup and archiving needs of small- and medium-sized businesses using distributed data. It performs well with all hardware, making the platform transparent to users. Platform compatibility ranges from modest server to muscular midrange. Rotational robotics combine with a camera-based vision system ensuring accurate data storage and retrieval. Advanced technology enables the 9730 to self-calibrate and the unit requires no scheduled periodic maintenance. With fewer parts increasing dependability, the 9730 operates quietly in the background providing years of dependable service.