The 9738 Tape Library

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9738 Tape Library (pdf, 396K)

The fully automated 9738 Tape Library integrates with one, two or three StorageTek 9840 Tape Drives for speed and flexibility.


  • Attaches to not just one, but almost any platform. Keep the same storage platform even if you merge, acquire or change environments.
  • Flexible, high-capacity storage. Features 30 cartridge slots and up to three StorageTek 9840 Tape Drives, allowing for as much as 600 GB (uncompressed) storage, or 2.4 TB (compressed, 4:1).
  • Fast and reliable. Specifically designed to pair with the revolutionary 9840 Tape Drive for breakneck speed, unmatched performance and rock-solid reliability.

The 9738 Tape Library is an affordable solution with performance to burn. It takes just seconds to access one piece of information out of billions. Critical business information becomes more powerful, without flaming out when it's time to add more storage. This library turns previously unaffordable or impossible solutions into a red-hot reality.