The TimberWolf 9740 Tape Library

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9740 Data Sheet (pdf, 155K)

9740 DLT Data Sheet (pdf, 43K)


The StorageTek 9740 Tape Library is suitable for UNIX systems, multimedia and video servers, scientific processors and small mainframes.

The Product
  • Reliable robotics. Advanced, high-speed rotational robotics enable fast access with no scheduled maintenance and low costs.
  • Easy integration. Supports a variety of mixed media, including the 9840, DLT, standard 36-track, ETape, EETape and RedWood SD-3 drives.
  • High performance and high capacity. Stores mountains of information and retrieves any single piece in seconds. Use up to six 9740 libraries.
  • Scalable and compact. Scalable automated library has a small footprint and no special power or airflow requirements.

The 9740 Tape Library handles the data storage complexities of large, multiplatform environments. World-class third party management software and StorageTek drives keep information readily available. The list of complex business applications, including e-commerce, data warehouses, multimedia, broadcast, telecommunications, medical/scientific imaging and fast backups, is an easy task for the 9740.