L5500 Tape Library


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The StorageTek L5500 tape library is the largest open systems library product that can consolidate large open systems tape storage with nearly infinite scalability. The L5500 is designed to replace multiple small libraries with a single, easy to manage consolidated library that can scale up to 16.8 PB (native). It is virtually impossible to outgrow this library's capacity - or throughput of over 100 TB per hour. Along with ensuring high throughput to shrink backup windows and increase availability, it can be connected to a wide variety of servers and applications, and fine-tuned to keep pace with ever-changing business needs.

Key Benefits

  • Library sharing.StorageTek ACSLS software ensures compatibility with Legato, HP, CA, VERITAS and other backup applications to share libraries and maximize asset utilization.

  • Mixed drive support.Native Fibre and SCSI LTO Ultrium drives can be mixed with enterprise class T9840 and T9940 with Native Fibre, SCSI, and ESCON to allow the right drive to be used for each application and server.

  • Unprecedented scalability. Scales to an unmatched 132,000 slots and 960 drives.

  • Enterprise-class reliability. Based on StorageTek's proven PowderHorn™ tape library with superior robotics and 24 x forever reliability.

  • Complete set of products. Standardized media and single vendor service and support save money and resources. Professional Services from our storage experts is available to customize your solution.


Number of cartridge slots 1500,2000,2500,3000,3500,4000,4500,5000 or 5500 per library
storage module (LSM)for configurations supporting only LTO Ultrium or
1,000 T9x40 and 1,000 LTO Ultrium or
1,500 T9x40 and 1,500 LTO Ultrium or
2,000 T9x40 and 2,000 LTO Ultrium or
3,500 T9x40 and 2,000 LTO Ultrium or
2,000 T9x40 and 3,500 LTO Ultrium
Up to 132,000 per automated cartridge system (24 LSMs)under ACSLS control
Number of tape drives/types Up to four drive frames per LSM (standalone)
Up to two drive frames per LSM in a dense pack configuration
Each drive frame can be any of the following:
One to twenty T9x40 drives per drive frame
One to twenty LTO Ultrium drives per frame
One to twenty T9x40/LTO Ultrium drives per frame with a
maximum of seventeen T9x40 drives in a mixed media frame