Corporate Background

Unylogix Technologies was originally created with a focus to provide customers with Unix based solutions in a variety of areas. Some of these areas included solutions in Data Storage, Systems Management tools, Project Management, Sun Sparc workstations, etc...

Over the years, customer started demanding and we began focusing on more specific solutions which are geared towards helping our customers better manage and preserve their important information and data on their systems. As the capacity of systems and networks has continued to grow, and the value of the data stored electronically has increased, the need to manage those systems and that data (so that growth , management, and availability of those system remaind high) and to protect that data (so that it can remain available after a disaster) has become ever more apparent. From that point, our primary focus has been the providing solutions in a few areas:
-Data & Storage Management
-System & Network Management and
-Security solutions

Unylogix offers complete solutions including hardware, software, installation, training and needs analysis based on our cusotmer's requirements. Our solutions are geared primarily towards Open systems which include most Unix & Linux platforms (from all major manufacturers) and PC networked environments such as Windows OS, Novell Netware, etc... We also provide a number of solutions for proprietary systems and OS such as IBM System36 & AS/400, Tandem, DEC VAX/VMS, Honeywell-Bull, Wang, NCR, Sequent, Stratus and many others.

If you require a solution from our areas of specialties (such as unattended backup for example) for almost any system type, Unylogix can probably supply it.

We can provide a host of different solutions to help you better manage and safeguard your data and your environment.


It is not only important to protect your valuable data but it is even more important to be able to recover the data quickly and reliably when needed. To ensure the maximum possible availability, we offer optional on-site service on all our products. We have made arrangements to offer onsite service via national 3rd party service providers in Canada, the USA, Europe and internationally.

Contact Information

Sales Office: 5033 Bélanger Est
Montreal, Quebec
H1T 1C7
Mailing Address: 5590 Les Becquets
Montreal, Quebec
H1S 1S2
Telephone: (514) 253-5200
Facsimile: (514) 256-4037