NetWorker Management Console

Browser-based monitoring, administration, and reporting for LEGATO NetWorker

Through a single browser-based administration interface, LEGATO NetWorker Management Console delivers the fundamental monitoring, administration, and reporting needs common to any information protection environment. NetWorker Management Console centrally monitors all NetWorker events allowing system administrators to instantly drill down to diagnose identified backup problems.

System administrators can flexibly administer any NetWorker server from any system in the environment running Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. NetWorker Management Console delivers a comprehensive set of enterprise NetWorker reports including the ability to export the data to formats such as HTML, PDF, and CSV.

Features & Benefits

Easy-to-Install and Deploy

    Simple, single installation on the NetWorker Management Console server

    NetWorker Management Console software is not required on any of the NetWorker servers, clients, or storage nodes that it monitors

Enterprise Hierarchy Display

    Provides administrators with the ability to display a logical tree of all the NetWorker servers within their environment

    Administrators efficiently view their entire data protection environment graphically from one screen

Real-time Error and Warning Monitoring

    Centrally view all error and warning messages in real-time generated by the NetWorker servers on a single Event Management GUI

    Instantly drill down to diagnose and resolve problems or potential problems with NetWorker resources

Browser-based NetWorker Administrator GUI

    Common NetWorker administration GUI, regardless of the NetWorker platform

    Easily administer remote NetWorker servers

    Administer any NetWorker server from any computer running either Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer (administer from home on the weekend)

    Backup history is retained to provide trend analysis

Enterprise-Level NetWorker Reports

    Over 40 pre-defined reports that provide detailed backup statistics, monitor and measure success levels, and track events that require administrator attention

    Export data to formats including HTML, PDF, and CSV


NetWorker Management Console is a browser-based solution designed to simplify NetWorker management. With no software requirements on any NetWorker servers, clients, or storage nodes, NetWorker Management Console can be deployed in less than one hour. Build and logically view an entire LEGATO NetWorker environment based on geographic location of servers, business unit responsibility, or any other logical criteria.

Instantly drill down, diagnose and resolve problems. NetWorker Management Console provides real-time global monitoring of all NetWorker server events across the enterprise. Easy-to-scan icons are used to quickly monitor events based on attributes such as priority, problem source, or originating server. NetWorker Management Console indicates what type of intervention is required, giving administrators the ability to take immediate, corrective action.

Administer any NetWorker server through a cross-platform, user-friendly NetWorker administrator GUI. Using either Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, flexibly work on- or off-site, even from home, to administer any NetWorker server, including NetWorker servers spanned geographically across the world.

A comprehensive suite of over 40 pre-defined reports equips administrators with the ability to quickly identify problem areas or patterns in backup activity. Administrators can add vastly increased intelligence to NetWorker management, verification, and troubleshooting operations from a centralized location. These powerful integrated reports provide the information necessary to plan backup and recovery activities effectively and proactively in order to minimize or avoid costly interruptions and loss of productivity.

System Requirements

NetWorker Management Console Server Supported platforms

    Microsoft Windows 2000

    Solaris (SPARC) 7 or 8

NetWorker Server Support

    Supports NetWorker server versions 5.5 and up running on UNIX, Windows, or Linux

NetWorker Management Console Client (Browser)

    Microsoft Internet Explorer, Release 5.5 (Java Plug-In required)

    Netscape Communicator, Release 4.75 (Windows, Java Plug-In required)

    Netscape Communicator Sun Version Release 4.7X (Solaris 8, Java Plug-In required)

NetWorker Management Console - Frenquently Asked Questions

Q: How is NetWorker Administration different from NetWorker?
A: NetWorker Administration is a software application that works in conjunction with NetWorker. NetWorker Administration is a browser-based management application intended to centralize the management of an enterprise of NetWorker servers. NetWorker Administration allows users to centrally monitor and administrator one or many NetWorker servers from a single interface regardless of the NetWorker server platform.

Q: What specific reports does NetWorker Administration produce?
A: NetWorker Administration produces a Savegroup Completion Report that gives a consolidated status for all NetWorker backups on a daily basis. Every day, based on the date, NetWorker Administration preserves every success and failure to the saveset level. This reporting function enables administrators to quickly identify which backups succeeded and which backups failed without having to log on to each NetWorker server individually. 32 days of historical information will be retained to provide trend analysis.

Q: What are the NetWorker Administration software installation requirements for NetWorker servers, clients, and storage nodes?
A: There are no software installation requirements on any NetWorker servers, NetWorker clients, or NetWorker storage nodes. NetWorker Administration uses a polling mechanism to communicate with the NetWorker servers. All of the client and storage node information relevant to NetWorker Administration resides on the NetWorker servers.

Q: What are the http server and database requirements for NetWorker Administration?
A: There are no http server and or database requirements for NetWorker Administration. NetWorker Administration's architecture has an http server and database built in.

Q: I only have one NetWorker server. Will NetWorker Administration add value to my information protection environment?
A: NetWorker Administration allows NetWorker administrators to manage their environment from any location accessible via a browser. The NetWorker Administration Event Management GUI assigns easy to view priority icons to each notification that a NetWorker server generates. A system administrator can also choose to sort NetWorker events based on the type of event and the priority of the event. Finally, NetWorker Administration adds a reporting feature that enables administrators to quickly identify which backups succeeded and which backups failed which may be significant for even one NetWorker server. 32 days of historical information will be retained to provide trend analysis. For customers with a growing number of NetWorker servers being managed with NetWorker Administration, the potential economies of scale are significant. The benefits of centralized management are seen immediately.