NetWorker Recovery Manager Unix Microsoft Windows

Automatic Dependable Recovery

NetWorker Recovery Manager software provides bare-metal, boot-level recovery for Windows-based and Unix-based NetWorker servers and clients. Before a disaster strikes, NetWorker Recovery Manager collects, catalogs, and stores all of the information needed to start recovery of the computer. In the event of a disaster and the need for a bare-metal recovery, NetWorker Recovery Manager works in conjunction with NetWorker to quickly recover the serverís operating system, applications, and data.

Features & Benefits

Fast, bare metal, boot level recovery automatically reconfigures drives and reinstalls operating system

    Reduces time taken to get systems back and operational

Tight Integration with NetWorker

    Automatic NetWorker reinstallation reduces the time and expertise needed to complete a full system recovery


Automatic Collection of Critical Configuration Information

Before a disaster strikes, NetWorker Recovery Manager collects configuration information on an automated, scheduled basis from protected systems. NetWorker Recovery Manager collects a copy of the protected machineís current disk partition layout and operating system information. This information includes system information such as the clientís name, operating system type, version, and disk information such as name, disk type, size and partition.

Fast Bare-Metal Recovery

Recovering a computer from disaster is a complex, time-consuming, and often daunting task. It requires immediate access to server configuration information and the installation of operating systems and software applications. NetWorker Recovery Manager uses the latest protected client recovery image to automatically bring the system to its original hardware and operating system state. NetWorker Recovery Manager quickly restores critical storage volumes, operating systems, configuration information, drives and settings, reformats storage volumes, and reconfigures network addresses.

Tight Integration with NetWorker

NetWorker Recovery Manager automatically reinstalls NetWorker once the system hardware and operating system are restored back to the pre-disaster state. Once the system is back to the operating system level, NetWorker then reloads applications and data back onto the machine. NetWorker Recovery Manager reduces a recovery process that could take many hours under the best circumstances to a process that can be completed in la fraction of the time.

Frenquently Asked Questions

Q: How do I take backups of the Mini Operating System (MOS) images?
A: The MOS image is what is copied to CD-R to provide a bootable CD for recovery. NetWorker can be used to take a backup copy of this file from the client.

Q: What versions of NetWorker server, storage node and client are supported with NRM?
A: NetWorker 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and 6.1

Q: Do I have to use Legato License Manager (LLM) to issue licenses for NetWorker Recovery Manager?
A: YES. You will have to use LLM to license NRM.

Q: What will happen to the existing licenses at the NetWorker server? Do I have to transfer them to LLM? Will I need to use LLM going forward?
A: It is not necessary to move existing licenses. NetWorker will cache these. It is necessary to use LLM for future licensing.

Q: Does configuring an NRM client automatically register it with NetWorker?
A: No. You will have to manually add the client to NetWorker.

Q: Will NRM recover the Windows NT registry?
A: NRM will recover the registry that was created at the time of MOS Image creation from the MOS CD. At the same time, you can restore the latest version of the registry from your full backup.

Q: How does NRM respond if I have more than one partition on the crashed machine?
A: NRM prompts you to recover partitions while restoring. You can choose to recreate any of these partitions.

Q: Will NRM recover my hard disk if its capacity is greater than the original?
A: Yes. However, currently, NRM will not recognize the extra disk space and leave it as unformatted. As system administrator, you can format this unused disk space after the system has been fully recovered using NRM.

Q: Should the new system I intend to use for recovery be identical to the original machine?
A: Yes, the new system should be identical except for hard drive size as described above.

Q: What if the crashed computer is a NetWorker Server?
A: If the crashed computer is a NetWorker Server, then in addition to recovering the OS, cleaning the file system, formatting the partition, installing the NRM and NetWorker binaries, the NetWorker index and media databases are recovered from the last full backup.

Q: Is there a recovery manager server on Windows NT?
A: NRMW is not a client/server application as is the case with NRM on Solaris. Server and client for this product refers to NetWorker server and clients.

Q: What CD writer software is supported for the Windows version?
A: Only EasyCD Creator has been qualified. Other CD Writer software should work as the MOS image is created in ISO9660 format, but these software products have not been tested.

Q: Will NRM work on Windows 2000?
A: Currently, NRM is not supported on Windows 2000.

Q: Will NRM restore the hidden system partition that is used by Compaq?
A: NRM will not restore the hidden system partition. The system partition will automatically be created when you install the RAID controller software.

Q: Will I have to install the RAID controller software before I boot from the CD created using the NRM software?
A: Yes. You will have to install the RAID controller software first.

Q: When should I make a Mini OS Image of the System?
A: A Mini OS image should be always made after you make any change to the system specifications. This could include adding new hardware, installing a new driver or updating a service pack.

Q: When should I create a CD with the MOS Image?
A: A CD can be created after the MOS image is made, or these images can be stored on a hard disk for later transfer to a CD when required.

Q: Does NRM support RAID?
A: Not at this time. See the NRM Release Notes for more details.

Q: Will NRM work with databases?
A: Yes. NRM supports databases. However, if any of the database files go into the MOS image, the size of the MOS image could become more than the maximum size of a CD (650MB). You will have to put the database install directory into the Blacklist.lst to keep the MOS Image size optimal.

Q: Does NRM have any specific System requirements?
A: Yes. NRM requires 25% or more free available memory for satisfactory operation. MOS Image creation might fail on a system with less memory available. If this happens then the image creation should be tried when the system is in a quiet state.

Q: How can I disassociate an NRM client from a NetWorker Server?
A: NRM does not provide a way to do this. However the client can be explicitly deleted from NetWorker using NWADMIN.