NovaNET for Windows - Backup Software Microsoft Windows

Supports Windows XP / 2000 / NT / Me / 9x

NovaNET 8 box shot

NovaNET for Windows is the next generation in backup software. Efforts have been focused, drawing from an extensive background in networks, data protection and user interface design to develop NovaNET . Distributed Architecture allows unlimited flexibility and control in setup, administration and configuration.. Enhanced scalable product support and plug-in support for the latest Microsoft Exchange server, Cluster Server, and SQL server makes NovaNET a must have for any company looking to fully integrate their data protection plans with Microsoft's BackOffice.

NovaNET has a standardized interface across operating systems, so there is no need to relearn new software for each operating system! The NovaNET family of software also now includes compression, support for more tape drives, support for disk drives, new languages, One Button Disaster Recovery for HP drives and more.

Benefits of NovaNet
Easy to install and use with automatic tape drive configuration.
Value priced.
One package includes software for Novell Netware Servers and Windows 9x / Me / NT / 2000 / XP clients. (Excludes Peer-to-Peer and SE Versions.)
Standardized interface across platforms eliminates the learning curve in mixed network environments.
Automated backups give you more free time and frees up network bandwidth at peak times.
Automatic verification and email notification ensures error-free backups for greater peace of mind.
Distributed Architecture provides administrative control over the entire enterprise and unparalleled backup speeds, for more efficient utilization of resources.
Remote Administration saves downtime and trips around the office.
New LZW software data compression saves media useage, and can prevent having to manually change tapes.
Easily migrates old ARCserve 4.x-5.x tapes; (non-SMS) for hassle free upgrading.
Free technical support (just in case).
Other features

Software Features
Available in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.
Backup to any tape drive on the network.
Full Network Views and Job management.
LZW software data compression.
Supports TCP/IP and IPX networks.
Backup/Restore Windows client registry.
Support for HP TapeAlert, HP One Button Disaster Recovery.
Backup Fault Tolerance.
9 Slot Autoloader & Library Support.
Multi Level object based security.
Plug-in for custom configurations. SQL, Exchange, Cluster Servers, Open File Management, Disaster Recovery and more. Now supports SQL 2000 and Exchange 2000 servers!
Btrieve Database Agent.
Reads ARCserve 4.x-5.x; non-SMS tapes.
Excellent backup scheduler for automatic backups.
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NovaNET for Windows is sold in seven scalable editions, starting with Peer-to-Peer networks of either 5 or 10 clients. Next is the standard SE server stand alone version, followed by the Single Server edition with multiple client support, the Small Business Server including disaster recovery and Exchange server plug-ins, and the Unlimited version which supports multiple servers, multiple clients and full distributed architecture. Finally, the NovaNET Alliance supports multiple servers, unlimited clients, full distributed architecture over three operating systems!

Provides various options to enhance your NovaNET Backup software functionality. Backup options include modules for the latest Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and Cluster Servers; Open File Backup for servers and clients; Disaster Recovery and additional autoloader slot licenses are all available for NovaNET.