UltraBac Overview and Features

UltraBac 7.x has been developped from the ground up to take advantage of the latest operating systems (Windows XP and 2000), while expanding support for heterogeneous network environments and providing expanded support for a variety of clients. UltraBac 7.x is the same great product as award-winning UltraBac 6.x, but with a new modular code structure to facilitate future enhancements.


Ultrabac Backup for smaller environments

Ultrabac has now the ability to use any FTP server or IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) as storage devices for UltraBac backup and restore operations.

UltraBac is the best backup solution for single server environments and small networks. While packing great features into the software, smaller users' requirements have been kept highly considered:

  • Installs in 15 minutes
  • 8MB footprint with only two services
  • Minimal overhead
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Full set of features
  • Great tech support
  • Special Small Business Server pricing

Ultrabac Backup for larger environments

Ultrabac is continuously upgraded to address the evolving needs of large distributed systems and NT server farms. Some UltraBac features of particular interest in larger environments are:

  • Simple deployment
  • Central console to manage several jobs from one location
  • Command-line driven
  • Remote autoloader and tape support
  • FTP used to run backup over the Internet
  • In conjunction with Tivoli software, store backups on Tivoli device
  • Back up to any local or remote tape drive
  • Back up to any local disk or network UNC path

Image Disaster Recovery Server Agent

Remote/Local Server Agent

Locked File Backup Server Agent

SQL Server Agent

Exchange Server Agent

NetWare Server Agent

Tivoli Storage Manager Device

Unix Server Agent

Oracle Server Agent

Autoloader Module

UltraBac's safety-net backup design philosophy

UltraBac's design philosophy is that backup must be a safety net for the data that is the lifeblood of a business. This safety-net backup product is designed to reduce or eliminate backup failures, so that when hardware fails, data is safe.

UltraBac's safety-net design incorporates strategic features like built-in media cascading, hardware failure redirect, tape duplication capability, email alerts, and notifications and image-based recovery:

  • Media cascading automatically spans media when a backup becomes too large.
  • Hardware failure redirect automatically restarts a failed backup to a designated alternative drive or UNC path.
  • UltraCopy tape duplication option allows for an off-site backup tape to be created after a regular backup completes and/or allows conversion of media (e.g. 4mm to 8mm or tape to disk & vice versa).
  • Pre-backup tape status check automatically sends an email alert "nnn" minutes before a scheduled backup is to begin if no tape is in the drive or the tape is date-protected.
  • Automatically-triggered administrator alerts facilitate corrective action for specific backup failure conditions.
  • Image-based backup and disaster recovery complements standard UltraBac file-by-file backups by providing users with the fastest and simplest technology for recovering a dead machine. See the top of this page for more details.

UltraBac's Disaster Recovery features Microsoft Windows

UltraBac's Image Disaster Recovery provides local or remote image-based backup and disaster recovery for Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems. It can back up an image of a server's OS partition on a scheduled basis to either tape or remote UNC diskpath and recover it after a catastrophic failure in as little as 10 minutes.

Network Disaster Recovery gives system administrators the ability to recover an operating system partition directly from any network share using nothing more than a single DOS-based floppy. The recovery software supports partition and/or complete physical disk disaster recovery from any local tape device or UNC diskpath.

Compressed image backups can be scheduled on a regular basis or manually stored to any local tape drive or UNC path within a network. Compressed image backups use less space and significantly increase backup performance, because compressed data takes less time to transfer than uncompressed data.

Due to its quick transfer rate, UltraBac can restore the system partition of a crashed machine in minutes. The difference between rebuilding a machine using a file-by-file method and restoring an image backup is substantial. Image restores are simple and quick, and can be completed with one single command.

Imaging technology is essential if machines are to be cloned for many users. Rebuilding a system from scratch every time a user needs a new machine is an administrator's nightmare. With imaging software, you can retrieve a "template" for use when building a new machine.

NEW  UB-DR Boot Disk Wizard
 The netboot.exe allows the user to create a DOS floppy disk, with network support, using a step-by-step diskette creation wizard. This DOS diskette is used in conjunction with our disaster recovery software, executing "UBDR.exe" through DOS to recover an image backup from either a network diskpath or a local tape drive.

UltraBac's disaster recovery package contains other easy-to-use options that provide all of the administrator's needs:

  • Live OS backup
  • Local or remote image backup
  • Local recovery from tape
  • Local recovery from diskpath
  • Software compression
  • Active cluster disk backup (saves space)
  • 240 mb/minute transfer ratio through DOS
  • Entire disk backup
  • Scripting support for disaster recovery executable
  • Recovery of partition while booted into the OS
  • Local static "mirroring" image backups

Let UltraBac be your safety net.