Bare Metal - Crash Recovery Software

Network crash recovery

Backup is a must. However, return to operation and then successfully restoring your data is where the real work, time and cost enter into the picture. Hence, rapid and easy return to operation is the real solution that is required.

Bare metal technology was combined with backup technology, resulting in the BareMetal Plus product. BareMetal Plus runs on 9 server and 20 client operating systems. The product allows you to create a crash recovery media which can then be stored for disaster recovery purposes. The crash recovery media is a complete image that is bootable and automated allowing you to rapidly recover from a crash without the need to reload the operating system and system specific settings.
Once you are backup and operational to the point in time when the crash recovery media was created you can then complete your restore.

BareMetal Plus provides bare metal disaster recovery for 20 operating systems with backup and recovery bundled into the product. The product allows you to create bootable crash recovery media negating the requirement to reload the operating system after a crash has occurred. In addition the product can function as your backup solution should you so desire.