Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance
Data Protection Unit (DPU)

Features and Highlights

The Data Protection Unit (DPU) is a combined hardware/software appliance that performs data protection services for your network using best-of-breed protection strategies. The DPU comes in two form factors, in either a Desk-top or a 1U Rack-mount Unit.

The Desk-top DPU is an ideal backup and crash recovery solution for small to medium size businesses, remote locations or departmental LANs. It covers all corners of Murphys matrix and thus protects against every possible cause of disaster.

The 1U Rack-mount DPU comes with all the features of the Set-top unit. Utilizing bare-metal restore technology, it is the perfect solution for providing crash recovery services for large enterprises.

The DPU features removable hard disk technology and can be purchased with removable hard disk kits allowing for data cycling and off-site storage. You can also attach a tape library to your DPU for archiving purposes. The DPU can be coupled with traditional methods such as RAID, mirroring and clustering.

The unit ships completely integrated and configured. All software required to perform backup and recovery through a simple lights out schedule is customized for your installation. Crash recovery is bundled into the solution offering bare-metal restore for nearly every computer operating system on your network. In the event of a crash, data can be quickly restored from the DPU to a computer including the operating system, device drivers, applications and all other important individual and network information.

For Managers and Administrators

Managers will appreciate the DPU solution because it is simple to attach to the network, administer and operate. Once attached and after schedules are established, all that your organization will need to do is remove the hard disk or tape and reload a new one when you deem appropriate. The product operates completely lights out. System administrators will appreciate the integration of both disk and tape to a single unit. You will appreciate the advanced features and capabilities of the DPU more than 100 different options for each backup. You can backup open files, sweep individual mail files every hour, sweep My Documents directories and restore NT files to unit and visa versa. Most importantly you will appreciate the integrated solution and the fact that you now have total disaster recovery for your data.

Product Highlights

  • Single integrated hardware and software appliance
  • 1Urack-mount and set-top configurations
  • Plugs into current network
  • Immediate data protection for every computer on your network
  • Provides both backup and disaster recovery services
  • Backup data is stored online for rapid access
  • Bare-metal restore for nearly all OS environments
  • Removable hard disks for data cycling
  • Lights-out operation
  • Resistant against viruses and worms
  • Emulates NT/2000/XP server for file sharing or Unix file server for rapid NFS
  • Self-administrating
  • Real-time synchronization available
  • Protection for all portables on network
  • Integrate with tape library for automated off-site data migration

    Data Protection Unit Specifications

    For more information on the Data Protection Unit, please see the Data Protection Unit Specifications section.