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The Unylogix JukeBox Driver is a low-cost, easy-to-use handler for tape and optical disk SCSI compliant jukebox and library devices. This simple utility allows users to control all modes of operation and read all status functions of any robotic handler using three simple commands. Because our driver works in a wide variety of applications for most types of removable media, it will easily integrate with your script files and command line functions. The form factor or storage technology of the media is not a factor in the application of the JukeBox Driver, since its function is to provide a link to the physical media handler.

Why JukeBox Driver?

The Unylogix JukeBox Driver saves the administrative expenses required to manually upkeep tape libraries and optical jukeboxes. Additionally, it reduces cost because there is no extra software to buy when you integrate it, and never a need to incorporate additional backup applications in the future. Because it supports bar code readers and mailbox slots, JukeBox Driver loads media quickly while meeting the needs for external media inventory. With its flexibility to work on multiple operating systems and its ability to control multiple robotic devices, JukeBox Driver meets all of your high-volume data needs.

Features and Benefits


Compatible with SCSI II compliant libraries

Integrates libraries and/or jukeboxes of your preference

Three commands provide direct access to robotics

Allows for simple integration and use

Operates with scripts and/or command line functions

Integrates easily into existing applications

Converts manual operations into automatic, lights-out operation

Supports mailbox slots and bar code readers

Provides for the fast loading of media and external media inventory requirements

Supports robotics devices that use the LUN feature of the SCSI II specification

Supports robotics devices that map a physical robotics device into two or more robotics devices, so that one tape library can be treated like multiple libraries.

Cost effective

No need to purchase new and more expensive application software

No need to budget for costs involved in incorporating new backup applications

Reduces administrative costs associated with manual intervention