REELexchange - Data Interchange Utility Unix

REELexchange reads and writes IBM and ANSI labeled tapes for UNIX systems.

    Record Processing
    IBM and ANSI tape formats contain data divided into one or more records. Unlike mainframe environments, UNIX files do not support data records. To UNIX, a file is just a stream of bytes. REELexchange provides flexible translation of mainframe records to UNIX files and vice versa.

    • Text Files: Text file conversion strips incoming records of trailing blanks and appends a newline. Outgoing records have their newline removed and are padded with blanks to the tape record length. 
    • Data Files: Data file conversion places incoming records in a UNIX file without modification. Outgoing records are read according to record length, blocked, and then written to tape. 
    • Full Record Processing Control: REELexchange provides complete control over record parameters including record length, record padding character, record termination character, etc. 
    • Field Translation: REELexchange can translate IBM Zone Decimal and Packed Decimal fields into UNIX data formats. A record description language lets you specify a UNIX "printf" format as the conversion specification. 

    Tape Formats
    • Multi-Volume Support: REELexchange can read and write files that span more than one reel of tape. 
    • ASCII and EBCDIC: When read, IBM formatted tapes can be automatically translated from EBCDIC to ASCII. When written to IBM tapes, data is translated from ASCII to EBCDIC. 
    • Unlabeled: REELexchange blocking and record translation capability can be used to read unlabeled tapes. 
    • Record Blocking Schemes: REELexchange supports these record/blocking schemes: 
    • Fixed length records
      • fixed length, blocked records
      • variable length records
      • variable length, blocked records
      • variable length, blocked, spanned records
      • unformatted

    The Commands
    • rxaccess: Initiate a session with a tape or volume set. 
    • rxrelease: Terminate a session with a tape or volume set. 
    • rxlabel: Write an electronic volume label on an uninitialized tape volume. 
    • rxwrite: Write a file to the tape. 
    • rxdisplay: Display information about the volume set including tapes in the volume set, files on the volume set (by scanning or built-up catalog), or file header labels. 
    • rxtest: Test the tape drive to build/verify REELexchange characteristics records. 
    • rxtran: Translate IBM Zone and Packed Decimal fields into UNIX "printf" formats. 
    • rxdup: Make an identical copy of a tape.