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Solutions include: data encryption, magnetic tape encryption, SCSI tape encryption, Fibre-Channel (FC) tape encryption, real-time tape encryption, magnetic disk encryption, RAID encryption, magnetic tape striping, Tape RAID, RAIT (redundant array of independent tape).

Data Encryption Units

While the storage industry has made great strides in the advancement of storage and storage networking technology, the absence of security standards for storage leaves consumers of the technology at risk.

Organizations need to protect their proprietary information, intellectual property, and stored data. Today's storage network is responsible for delivering sensitive data and information to every employee in a safe and secure manner. The growth in storage network use has resulted in an increase in research and development of new technology to leverage storage functionality, availability, and access. However, the security with which sensitive information is delivered and stored has not received the same level of focus.

Our solutions provide protection of data that is stored (at rest) or transported (in transit) via storage networks.

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Tape RAID or Tape Striping Units

    The TS Tape-Striping system is designed to speed up your writing to tape and lets you write to a maximum of five simultaneous tape-drives including 4mm, 8mm, AIT, DLT, SDLT, LTO, etc...

    Striping mode provides faster backup by striping or writing the data across two (or more) tapes at the same time. The TS tape-striping system can be used with any system platform such as UNIX, NT, MAC, or other platform and is completely transparent to the host system. The TS tape-striping system must be connected to the host system via one 'connection'.

    The TS tape-striping system has features that make writing to multipe tape-drives simple and bullet proof: it can also write parity information on a parity drive (when more than 3 striping drives are utilized) - which is used to recover data if one of the tapes containing data cannot be read.

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