Disk Encryption Units

High-Performance Storage Security Appliance

Our Disk Encryption Appliance provides enterprise-class storage security appliance providing true wire-speed encryption, centralized policy management, storage Firewall access control, and completely transparent operation for strong storage transport and media privacy (both disk arrays and tape on one platform).

Critical Storage Exposures

To achieve greater storage consolidation, accessibility, recovery and management benefits, enterprises are migrating from direct-attached storage (DAS) to sophisticated storage networks (SAN, NAS), geographically dispersed data storage, and managed services. Organizations which are consolidating storage must now consider protecting their interests. Firms sending data outside their environment, such as for disaster recovery, or those which must comply with financial, commerce and healthcare privacy legislation require new mechanisms for protecting stored data.

While enterprise security has focused on front-end system exploits and network attacks, this is not enough to protect back-end, distributed storage infrastructures. Storage management requires a layered security model that addresses stored data protection to reduce the costs, risks and liabilities of unauthorized data access.

Security Built for Storage

Operating as a fully transparent, in-line storage appliance, Our Disk Encryption Appliance inspects storage traffic and applies data access controls and strong encryption to the data at gigabit rates. Now storage data privacy policies can be centrally managed, employing user-defined rules which are easily modified to suit current and evolving infrastructures. Since our Disk Encryption Appliance operates transparently, it can be flexibly deployed to complement backup, replication, virtualization and storage management applications. It’s the most robust, scalable and manageable solution for cost-effective storage data confidentiality.

Availability Means Risk

The migration from direct-attached storage (DAS) to sophisticated storage-area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) brings the promise to meet demand capacity, availability and continuity - it also introduces a host of security challenges. Current storage security practices combined with emerging standards, such as authentication, port zoning and LUN masking, only provide partial data protection to enterprise storage resources. In addition, sweeping changes in financial, healthcare and commerce legislation have created liabilities for companies that fail to ensure data privacy at all storage levels. By applying policy-based access and encryption to storage data during transport, on the storage subsystem, and on the media, companies can provide a strong barrier against unauthorized storage data disclosure, theft and corruption.

Simple • Reliable • Secure

Until now, the adoption of storage data protection was hindered by complexity, performance issues, poor manageability and high costs. Our Disk Encryption Appliance uniquely overcomes these obstacles with a readily deployable, manageable and scalable gigabit-speed data protection solution that complements current and evolving network storage security efforts. Employing wire-speed, policy-based encryption over standard storage protocols, our Disk Encryption Appliance offers the most flexible and cost-effective means for complete storage data confidentiality.


  • Rack-mountable, enterprise storage security appliance
  • Gigabit-speed, standards-based storage encryption
  • Primary Storage Encryption
  • True wire-speed encryption
  • Completely transparent operation
  • Centralize policy management
  • Scalable deployment
  • Storage Firewall access controls
  • Application, transport and platform transparent operation
  • Strong storage data protection during transport and on media
  • Single high-speed platform to protect both array and tape media
  • Extensive, automated key management and exchange
  • Secure remote management and redundant operation
  • Flexible data preparation and recovery options
  • Hardened system with FIPS 140 Level 2 compliance
  • Fibre Channel fabric interoperability
  • Support for leading security, storage and network management standards, applications and frameworks.


  • Increased storage consolidation and expansion options
  • Audit and regulatory compliance
  • SAN segregation and administrative access controls
  • Reliable security for sensitive, trusted, regulated information
  • Cost-effective security deployment

Key Applications

  • Consolidated Storage
    Protect classes of data and segregate administrative data access

  • Remote Backup, Replication and Disater Recovery
    Restricting access to nearline and secondary storage data

  • Managed Storage Resources
    Extend protection beyond zoning, masking, vir tualization
    Alleviate shared 3rd-party management trust issues

  • Enterprise Application Storage
    Extend data protection beyond client-server without performance or application impact

  • Tape Media Management
    Lower security burden associated with tape protection

  • Valued/Trusted/Regulated Storage Data
    Ensure data protection within all storage functions
    Enforces regulatory compliance

Product Specifications

  • Security
    • Transparent storage Firewall
    • Industry-proven cryptographic processing engine
    • Dynamic 3DES/AES encryption
    • Smartcard authenticated access and auto key escrow
    • FIPS-140 level 2 protection/management compliance

  • Storage
    • Gigabit-class storage routing and data classification
    • FC Interface (2 Ports), 1 Ethernet Mgmt. port, 1 serial port
    • Completely Fibre channel transparent
    • Fabric MIB support

  • Management
    • In-line, redundant deployment for cluster fail-over
    • Web GUI, CLI, jumpstart wizard and LCD display
    • Authenticated user level, SSL/SSH remote access
    • Appliance and software-only data migration/recovery
    • Filtered logging, secure audit and full alerting

  • Physical
    • 2U, 27 lb, 19” rack mountable (17”x19”x3.4”)
    • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies/fans
    • 100/240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 200W