Tape Encryption Units

Enterprise Class Tape Encryption Protection

Our Tape Encryption Appliance provides enterprise class data protection and privacy for tape media. It enables you to achieve a strong, policy based encryption for networked, remote and direct attached tape libraries - with either SCSI or Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity - as well as virtual tape subsystems.

Security Risks of Tape Media

Tape media is considered the most reliable and most prevalent source for enterprise data recovery; whether used for remote / tiered backup, centralized secondary storage or bulk data transport. While enterprises have implemented access controls and tighter infrastructure management provisions, very few have implemented such safeguards to the tape media itself.

Most data stored on removable media can be lost, stolen or compromised. Unauthorized users can readily read tape data, analyze confidential information, and even rebuild entire systems and worse of all do it without a trace!

The greater the availability and sensitivity of backup data, the greater the risk. Our tape encryption systems ensure that the data on your tape is safeguarded and your company confidential data remains available to you only.

Data Security for Stored Tape Media

Our Tape Encryption Appliance applies strong data encryption down to the tape cassettes and storage media. It does so Simply. Reliably. Securely. Operating as a high performance, inline appliance, our Tape Encryption Appliance readily integrates with leading backup solutions and is platform transparent for seamless operation. It ensures optimal encrypted data throughput and consistent compression rates.

Multiple backup privacy policies can be centrally and remotely managed that employ user defined rules to support shared, distributed, unattended, virtualized and vaulted tape applications.

If you store and/or transport sensitive, trusted or regulated data on open systems tapes, our Tape Encryption Appliance can eliminate the risk of data theft within legacy backup applications, onsite / offsite vaulting services, managed service providers, and bulk data transfer. It is a very flexible, scalable and manageable solution which provides cost effective tape media confidentiality.

Fibre Channel Tape Encryption


On the fly, block-level 3DES or AES standards-based encryption/decryption of tape media data with the following features:
  • Inline appliance placed in front of tape subsystem.
  • FC Fabric or Direct Attached systems (both FC and SCSI configurations)
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Policy based 3DES and AES encryption for unique, pooled or shared media
  • Dynamic compression prior to encryption (preserves compression rates)
  • Media integrity authentication and secure distributed recovery
  • Transparent compatibility with popular BAckup Software such as Veritas, Legato, HP, CA and TAR.
  • Secure key and data management with Smartcard support
  • FIPS-140 level 2 protection / management compliance, 1U rack mounted size.


  • Plug and protect media security
  • Audit and regulatory compliance
  • User and system transparent
  • Enforced privacy for distributed tape applications
  • Cost-effective deployment
  • Reliable security for sensitive, trusted, regulated information

Typical Applications

  • Legacy Backup Installations
    Restricting access to distributed secondary storage data

  • Tape Media Management
    Eliminate security issues associated with tape protection

  • Shared/Managed Tape Resources
    Alleviate pooling/vaulting/virtualization trust issues

  • Protected Tape Vaulting and Disaster-Recovery Services
    Eliminate in transit and off-site media theft and liability risks

  • Valued/Trusted/Regulated Storage Data
    Compliance with eCommerce, Healthcare, FDA, EU and other privacy legislation

Direct Attached Tape Encryption

Specifications Highlight

  • Security
    Industry-proven cryptographic processing engine
    Provides secure key media recovery technology
    Dynamic 3DES/AES encryption
    Smartcard authenticated access and auto key escrow
    FIPS-140 level 2 protection/management compliant

  • Storage
    Reliable, high speed sustained data transfer rates
    Transparent to Backup Software such as Veritas, Legato, HP and CA
    Authenticated media integrity option
    Integrated data compression
    2 port 2G FC and FCAL or 2 SCSI LVD configurations

  • Management
    Web GUI, CLI, jumpstart wizard and LCD display
    Authenticated user level, SSL/SSH remote access
    Centralized key protection, catalogue and provisioning
    Appliance and software-only data recovery options
    Filtered logging, secure audit and complete alerting

  • Physical
    1U, 22 lb, 19" rack mountable (17"x25"x1.6")
    Redundant fans and universal power supply
    100 / 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 150W