Optical - DISCSTOR/naS


Download the DISCSTOR/naS datasheet (pdf format)






  • Lower storage acquisition costs
  • Easy to scale and manage storage capacities
  • Added storage reduces network processes
  • Up to 9.5 TB of storage in 13 square feet of floor space
  • Utilize existing network resources

Network Attach Storage (NAS)

DISCSTOR/naS is a dedicated file server and device controller designed to provide transparent read/write access to optical media. Supporting storage capacities from 60 GB up to 10 TB, DISCSTOR/naS is capable of increasing data throughput by offloading network data storage from the primary file server and reducing overall network traffic through decentralized data storage management, and can be managed to provide a common pool of storage that is shared by multiple servers and clients across a number of network environments.

  Processor   Intel Pentium III Processor
  Cache   512 KB on CPU Cache, ECC protected
  Memory   Up to 512 MB ECC 100mhz
  Disk Drive Interface   Ultra 2 LVD SCSI, SAA connector
  Backup   Supports internal OS backup and compatible with 3rd party networkbackup applications
  Network Connectivity   Dual 10/100BaseTX, half or full duplex
  Network Data ManagementControl   NDMP v2.0
  Environment Monitoring   SNMP, Remote network traffic monitoring