Optical - eCabinet


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  • NearLine storage up to 1.2 TBs
  • Catalog and store data permanently
  • Unlimited storage capacity with Pack Technology
  • NSM Series reliability & performance

Network Attach Storage Solution for Ricoh eCabinet

eCabinet is the first intelligent electronic filing cabinet for storing, sharing and finding your office's important papers, faxes and digital files. Using TCP/IP, Optical Character Recognition and auto-indexing, the eCabinet securely captures documents and extracts essential information to create a detailed index for simple end-user retrieval.

The DISC eCabinet Edition NAS appliance provides the data permanence of optical media combined with readily accessible online storage. Easy to integrate into existing 10/100 BaseT network infrastructures enables customers to have enterprise level storage and retrieval functionality at a fraction of the cost of other options. Two models are available, based on the NSM Series architecture, and come fully configured with drives, built-in server and OTG management software.

  Specifications   NAS3000-600e NAS3000-1200e
  Data Capacity   587 GB 1190 GB
  # of Drives   2 2
  Drive Technology   DVD-RAM DVD-RAM
  # of Slots   125 255
  Media Exchange Time   2.5 sec average 2.5 sec average
  Data Transfer Rate   2.7 MB/sec 2.7 MB/sec
  Access Time   <210ms <210ms
  Robotic MSBF   2,500,000 cycles 2,500,000 cycles
  Electronic MTBF   60,000 poh (100% duty cycle) 60,000 poh (100% duty cycle)
  Drive MLBF   250,000 cycles 250,000 cycles
  Data & Control Interface   10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet