Automated DVD Jukeboxes



Our Entry/Mid level DVD-Series and Enterprise Level DVD Series jukeboxes provide unparalleled reliability, availability and scalability in a cost-effective storage solution. Offering the widest range of configurations and models in the industry, including slot counts ranging from 80 to 2175 and capacities from 564GB to more than 20TB, the DVD Series DVD/CD family of jukeboxes offer a truly cost-effective storage solution for virtually any application. DVD-R offers Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) protection along with high capacity and throughput. DVD-RAM is rewriteable, they provide high performance and long life rewriteable technology.


Entry/Mid Level DVD Series

DVD-series - optical storage

Flexible Entry/Mid Level DVD Series jukeboxes allow mixing of media to suit most archiving applications and user requirements. The models range from 120 to 480 slots and utilize up to six drives and media storage capacities range from 758GB to 4.1TB.


Enterprise Level DVD Series

Enterprise Level DVD-series - optical storage

Flexible Enterprise Level DVD Series jukeboxes are the highest capacity professional DVD/CD solutions in the industry. The jukeboxes house up to 2175 slots. Models range from 7TB to over 20TB and up to 12 Multi Drives