Fibre Channel Controllers and Adapters

  • ATTO host bus adapters
    ATTO ExpressPCI Fibre Channel host adapters are designed to give you the freedom of configuration to fit your needs. Their host adapters work in varied environments and configurations and work well with many applications and devices. ATTO ExpressPCI Fibre Channel host adapters enable high-speed connections between servers or workstations and shared storage. They enhance the performance of your Storage Area Network - increasing user productivity.


  • Emulex host bus adapters
    Emulex is the leading supplier of Fibre Channel host bus adapters, with approximately 70% of the world's leading suppliers of servers and storage systems selecting Emulex products to implement Fibre Channel connectivity. Their fibre channel adapter and hub technologies provide the flexibility to create customized, scalable solutions allowing today's products to solve tomorrow's problems.


  • QLogic host bus adapters
    From scalable Fibre Channel switches to host bus adapters, controller chips and SAN management software, QLogic turns isolated point products into fully interoperable solutions you can install today.