Fibre Channel Bridges, Hubs & Routers

  • ATTO Hubs and Bridges
    ATTO Fibre Channel hubs provide a reliable high-speed single-point solution between servers, clients and storage subsystems in a Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) environment. Arbitrated Loop hubs provide greater control and reliability by employing bypass circuitry at each port to keep dysfunctional nodes from disrupting loop traffic. The combination of Arbitrated Loop hubs and switches provides flexibility in allocating bandwidth and designing storage network segmentation.


  • Chaparral routers
    Chaparral routers enable connectivity between SCSI devices and Fibre Channel networks allowing companies to take advantage of the robustness of Fibre Channel technology while protecting investments in SCSI storage devices.

  • Gadzoox hubs
    Gadzoox hubs provide gigabit-speed storage connectivity, network management, data reliability and modular network scalability. With this SAN foundation, the bandwidth, distance and scaling limitations of current bus-based storage architectures are eliminated.