Fibre Channel Switches & Switch Management Products


  • Brocade
    The Brocade SilkWorm family of fabric switches connects servers and storage devices throughout Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN) fabrics. These high-speed, robust storage networks enable organizations to access and share data in a high-performance, manageable, and scalable manner


  • Gadzoox

  • Gadzoox Networks is an expert in SAN (Storage Area Network) products. They provide networking solutions for enterprise storage systems based on their comprehensive line of Fibre Channel SAN products, including switches and management software. Gadzoox Networks’ technology provides a solid, high-performance platform for storage consolidation and an increased ROI for your SAN investment.


  • QLogic
    From scalable Fibre Channel switches to host bus adapters, controller chips and SAN management software, QLogic turns isolated point products into fully interoperable solutions you can install today.